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‘X-Men 97’ Follows Up On The Beloved Animated Series: TV Review

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'X-Men '97' Follows Up On The Beloved Animated Series: TV Review

(CTN News) – For many millennials, “X-Men 97: The Animated Series” was a gateway into one of Marvel’s most beloved franchises. “The Animated Series” helped me understand mutants as powerful allegories of marginalized groups before the live-action blockbusters of the early 2000s, as well as iconic characters like a saber-clawed Wolverine and telepathic Jean Grey.

Intellectual property rights have prevented the X-Men from joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2008. With the acquisition of Fox, Disney opened the door to integrating its assets, but it has been patient in deploying them. Kevin Feige is the power producer behind Marvel Studios’ first X-Men series.

Instead of grafting the X-Men onto an established cast, the show introduces them on their own terms. In addition to being free of MCU continuity,

“X-Men 97” is also written by Beau DeMayo.

The show recently fired DeMayo, but he was working on a second season.) As a direct follow-up to “The Animated Series” set near the end of the last millennium, the show can devote its energies to doing right by a nostalgia object while introducing itself to a new audience. Because it’s off-canon, “X-Men 97” can stay true to the fantastical nature of comics while staying grounded in its characters’ emotions.

Professor Charles Xavier was fatally shot in the finale of “The Animated Series.” His injury was near-fatal, but the first three episodes of “X-Men ’97” simplify the fact that Xavier is gone.

With a deep bench of returning voice actors, including Cal Dodd as Wolverine and Alison Sealy-Smith as Storm, “X-Men’97” offers an X-Men 97 without Professor X. Cyclops (Ray Chase) has become de facto leader in Xavier’s absence, but his pregnant wife Jean (Jennifer Hale) thinks they should focus on their kids instead.

It turns out Xavier might have agreed. Toward the end of the premiere, Magneto (Matthew Waterson) agrees to adopt a more peaceful vision of mutants’ coexistence with humanity, as the Professor’s chosen successor.

“X-Men 97” has its own identity instantly, despite the slew of storylines that could all anchor their own feature film. As the X-Men face obstacles like Sentinel robots, a weapon that neutralizes their powers and a psychic attack engineered by Mr. Sinister (Chris Britton), they’re squeezed into 30-minute intervals.

Magneto’s conversion to the X-Men’s side is surprisingly quick and fuss-free; even a major protagonist’s clone is revealed casually at one point. Although the pace can be dizzying, it’s also fun when it’s rendered in neon-colored, two-dimensional style like the original. A plot this packed can’t drag.

As our introduction to the crew, “X-Men 97” introduces us to a new mutant, but their presence soon proves unnecessary. A big theme of “X-Men” is what an oppressed minority owes its oppressor, and specific characters like Beast (George Buza) and Gambit (AJ LoCascio) have great reputations.

While Morph (JP Karliak) gets a slight makeover, their gender neutrality comes off more as an extension of their longstanding superpower than a sign of modernity.

Soon enough, the X-Men will be coming to the MCU, many thanks to “Deadpool 3.” But before they are used to boost a faltering mothership, it’s nice to get to know them again. ” X-Men 97″ is streaming on Disney+ now, with additional episodes arriving every Wednesday.


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