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Justin Bieber’s Frustration Affects Hailey Bieber’s Motherhood Plans

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Justin Bieber's Frustration Affects Hailey Bieber's Motherhood Plans

(CTN News) – Despite their five years of marriage, Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber have decided not to expand their family until they reach an agreement as to when they would like to do so.

According to a source, the model does not want to feel pressured to embrace motherhood, even though the Peaches hitmaker wants to be a “young dad,” according to a source.

In an interview with Life & Style, the insider revealed, “Their marriage is not in a good place, and they are aware of that.”. According to the insider, “Their loved ones tell Hailey and Justin Bieber that things will get better soon, but they’re not convinced. “

The insider added that Justin Bieber, since turning 30, has been “begging” Hailey to give him the chance to become a father, adding that, “This is what he has dreamed of for so long.”

She is however “not ready, and there are still things she wants to do, and that’s frustrating for Justin Bieber,” a source told the outlet, adding that the singer simply wants to be a “young dad” when she grows up.

Furthermore, the publication revealed Hailey is “worried” that in the event that he and Hailey do have children, Hailey “would be the one with all the responsibilities” since Justin is “so clingy” towards her.

There have been a number of issues the couple has had to deal with after they tied the knot, with Justin Bieber admitting he has battled depression while Hailey suffering a ministroke in March 2022 that necessitated her being hospitalized.

In September of that year, Justin Bieber finally disclosed his diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which resulted in temporary partial facial paralysis for a short period of time. The challenges they have faced have had a significant impact on their relationship as a result.

Despite the fact that they were so young when they got married, they weren’t emotionally prepared to deal with all the problems that were thrown their way,” the insider explained.


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