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Kendrick Lamar Disses Drake And J. Cole On Future And Metro Boomin’s New Song

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Kendrick Lamar Disses Drake And J. Cole On Future And Metro Boomin's New Song

(CTN News) – Earlier this year, Kendrick Lamar appeared uncredited on Future and Metro Boomin’s new album “We Don’t Trust You,” delivering sharp, pointed remarks directed at Drake and J Cole.

A fiery verse, Kendrick Lamar steals the show on “Like That,” referencing Drake and J Cole’s “First Person Shooter,” which appeared on Drake’s “For All the Dogs.” Cole mentions the “big three,” referring to Lamar, Drake, and himself: “Love when they argue the hardest emcee / Is it K Dot?” or Aubrey? Is it me? As if we had started a league, we, the big three.

In his response, Drake could be construed as taking a shot at Kendrick Lamar, eliminating him from the “big three”: “Who the G.O.A.T? Is it really your bitches who are rooting for? I’m like a kid that acts bad from January to November, but there’s just you and Cole.”

Kendrick Lamar makes a direct reference to rappers’ bars in “Like That.”. “Yeah, get up with me, fuck sneak dissing / ‘First Person Shooter,’ I hope they came with three switches,” he says, adding, “Motherfuck the big three, n—a, it’s just big me.”.

The next verse emphasizes the quality of their music and says that their influence will not outlast his legacy, comparing himself to Prince and Michael Jackson. You are at your best when you are with a light pack. / Prince outlived Mike Jack. / N—a, you’d better see Pet Sematary before all your dogs are buried.

Lamar has stirred up controversy by directly referring to his peers on several occasions. It was in 2013 that he provided a scene-stealing verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” also featuring Jay Electronica, running down a list of rappers and stating that he currently considers all of them competitors, and intends to bring them down.

Future and Metro Boomin’s long-awaited collaborative effort “We Don’t Trust You” was released on Friday, marking the first of two releases from the duo. Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Like That” was certainly the most newsworthy moment from the album. Currently untitled, the second album will be released on April 12.


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