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Tom Jones, Renowned Creator Of ‘The Fantasticks’ Musical And Theater Legend, Passes Away At 95



Tom Jones

(CTN NEWS) – Tom Jones, the creative force behind the timeless musical “The Fantasticks,” known for his contributions as a lyricist, director, and writer, has passed away at the age of 95.

Dan Shaheen, a co-producer of the iconic musical, shared the sad news of Tom Jones’ demise. The renowned artist breathed his last at his residence in Sharon, Connecticut, on Friday. His battle with cancer led to his passing.

Tom Jones’ remarkable talents earned him a place of honor in the American Theatre Hall of Fame, a recognition bestowed upon him in 1998.

His artistic partnership with composer Harvey Schmidt bore fruits in not only “The Fantasticks” but also other notable Broadway productions like “110 in the Shade” and “I Do! I Do!”

“The Fantasticks,” adapted from a lesser-known work by Edmond Rostand, is envisioned as a film, although its prospects remain uncertain. The stage itself is elegantly minimal, consisting of a platform, poles, a curtain, and a simple wooden box.

Set against the backdrop of a comical twist on the “Romeo and Juliet” theme, the narrative follows the clandestine connection between a young boy and girl, facilitated by their fathers and an eccentric ensemble of characters.

Throughout its illustrious run, “The Fantasticks” has showcased a plethora of talented actors.

From its inaugural cast in 1960, which featured luminaries like Jerry Orbach and Rita Gardner, to acclaimed personalities such as Ricardo Montalban, Kristin Chenoweth, and the notable “Frozen” star Santino Fontana, the musical has seen an array of accomplished performers grace its stage.

The year 1991 witnessed the production receiving a prestigious Tony Honours for Excellence in Theatre.

Tom Jones’ legacy endures through the enduring charm of “The Fantasticks” and his indelible contributions to the world of theater.

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A Legacy in Stages: ‘The Fantasticks’ Journey Through Time and Theater

“In 2013,” Tom Jones reflected The Associated Press, “we’ve seen countless faces come and go, yet the essence remains unaltered — the platform, the rustic box, that cardboard moon. We materialize, offer our brief enchantment, and then fade away.”

For more than four decades, the intimate Sullivan Street Playhouse in Greenwich Village was the faithful host, cradling the production within its 153 seats.

However, in 2002, after an impressive run of 17,162 performances, the curtains closed. The aftermath of the devastating 9/11 events and the subsequent tension that enveloped downtown Manhattan prompted this conclusion.

The stage found a new abode at the Snapple Theatre Centre, later renamed The Theatre Centre, nestled within the bustling heart of Times Square.

By 2006, “The Fantasticks” had found its new dwelling, and it continued to flourish. A milestone was reached in 2013, as the show proudly celebrated its 20,000th performance.

The ultimate culmination arrived in 2017, a testament to resilience and artistry, as the performance count soared to an unprecedented 21,552, etching its name as the longest-running spectacle in the annals of American theater.

In a manner, Tom Jones’ perspective offers a puzzle to decipher. Much like the tapestry of life itself, the extraordinary can sometimes evade recognition when it becomes commonplace.

Its sheer wonder tends to blend into the background. Personally, I stand in awe of this achievement, a testament to its enduring magic and significance.

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Musical Gems and Enduring Influence: The Legacy of ‘The Fantasticks’ and Tom Jones

The timeless melody of its most renowned tune, “Try To Remember,” has been embraced by countless voices, including the likes of Ed Ames, Harry Belafonte, Barbra Streisand, and Placido Domingo.

Within the show’s treasury of melodies, “They Were You” and “Soon It’s Gonna Rain” shine as well-established gems.

“Recall the days of September, bathed in a tranquil glow of leisure,” beckons the lyrical verse of “Try to Remember.” An ode to a season when emerald grass brushed against golden grain.

Enduring beyond its initial lukewarm reception, the show has weathered the test of time.

The second act, a sanctuary for praise from The New York Herald Tribune critic, stood apart, while The New York Times critic ventured that the production possessed a kind of enchantment that waned with prolonged existence.

The collaborative genius of Jones and Schmidt yielded the 1963 Broadway creation, “110 in the Shade,” which earned them a prestigious nomination for the Tony Awards’ outstanding composer and lyricist category.

Their artistic partnership bloomed further in 1967 with the two-character Broadway marvel “I Do! I Do!” Once more, their talents garnered a Tony nomination for outstanding composer and lyricist.

Two living legacies, Michael and Sam Jones, stand as a testament to Tom Jones’ enduring influence and character. A heartening sentiment was shared by Broadway veteran Danny Burstein on Facebook, encapsulating the sentiment of many: “I cherished him dearly.”

Indeed, a life marked by decency and grace.


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