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The Attack On Titan Anime ending Is Explained In This Article



The Attack On Titan Anime ending Is Explained In This Article

(CTN News) – With the final scenes of Attack on Titan hinting at a brutal yet bright future, the anime series has finally come to an end after more than ten years!

It was Eren Yeager’s desire to end all wars that led him to conclude he would have to kill everybody outside of Paradis Island in order to achieve peace in Attack on Titan. Eren, however, was interested in what would happen after the genocide, as revealed in the finale.

After the last battle between humanity and Eren to stop the Rumbling ends, it is revealed that the future he saw is bleak in Attack on Titan: THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2.

In the future, as humanity continues to grow and change its ideological beliefs, he has caused yet another series of wars and fights due to his desire to end all of the fighting. Eren was thus trapped within it.

In what manner does Attack on Titan conclude?

Following Zeke’s death, Mikasa and the others separated Ymir from Eren’s control in Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2, and Mikasa cut off Eren’s head within his giant Founding Titan form to finish the battle. Eren learned from his memories that his friends were still inside the Paths when the fight ended.

As he explained to each, his objective was to destroy humanity, and he urged them to become heroes by fighting.

Concerned about retaliation, he wanted Paradis to have fighters for humanity. Even though Armin wanted to find another way, Eren wanted to commit a full genocide once he gained the power to transform the world.

Since the Attack Titan power had messed with his head, this was the only outcome he could have come up with. A group of allied nations are trying to work with Armin and the others to achieve a peaceful outcome following the battle with Eldia.

According to the Historia, Yeagerists gained power in Eldia and are preparing to repel an outside attack. In their view, the only way forward is through conflict, holding Eren up as a martyr.

This applies to the rest of the world as well. The anime shows Mikasa and the others living their last moments in peace, while society continues to advance.

Towards the end of the episode, it is shown that humanity continues to progress, but that it is fighting with one another and wiping out one another.

Due to Eren’s efforts (and despite the loss of Titan powers with Eren’s defeat, and Ymir’s finding a semblance of peace), the cycle of conflict continues. 80% of the world’s population was killed in this massive conflict, and the cycle of recovery and combat continues.

Is there anything you would like to add about the way Attack on Titan ended? Comment below and let us know what you think!


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