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Marilyn Monroe Is Humiliated In “Blonde” Rather Than Celebrated



Marilyn Monroe

(CTN News) – Marilyn Monroe is portrayed as a lifelong victim in Blonde. The horrors and traumas that Norma Jeane Mortenson may have endured as one of Hollywood’s sex symbols are easy to imagine.

She may have made her way to Hollywood in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Despite being exploited and often overlooked for her beauty and allure, Marilyn was loved and hated by many. Love and obsession are depicted in Lovers.

Director Andrew Dominik might be hailed as a bold director for his take on Marilyn Monroe‘s story However, it’s difficult to believe this film could have been made by anyone who does not view Monroe as a sex object.

Blonde only sees Norma Jeane Mortenson as one thing, but she was a lot more than that. There is no agency in her, so she is abused, abandoned, beaten, exploited, and raped right in front of the cameras.

In the same way that Monroe’s men were degrading to her, the camera is absolutely obsessed with her. An excellent example of the male gaze can be found in this movie. There is a Ph.D. in Male Gaze at the university.

Marilyn Monroe lived her life under the male gaze, essentially being pinned to stereotypes she wanted to break free of. And perhaps on some level, this fits the movie about Monroe; after all, she spent her life under the male gaze.

According to Marilyn Monroe Its a Women Haters’ Movie

Despite Blonde’s frequent use of nudity, it never feels like it is sending a message. There are about a third of the movie’s scenes where Ana de Armas is topless, most of them alone or in her own head.

Marilyn Monroe is a sexual object in these moments. These scenes almost always sexualize her, even the gruesome ones. The rest of the time, Monroe appears to be more like a rag doll than a human being. Kicking and screaming, begging for mercy, she is tossed around, transported against her.

The movie feels like it was made for a man who hates women and wants to punish successful, talented women. This movie will be devoured by viewers like that.

‘Blonde’ would work better as a Marilyn Monroe horror movie

The majority of the film could be classified as a horror film. Monroe, full of life and eager to break into the industry, is used and abused from the very beginning.

It’s made even more difficult by the graphic nature of the movie, with scene after scene of stomach-churning imagery. The movie hacks and slashes, and it’s hard to imagine anyone not feeling uncomfortable after watching it.

There are no women in Monroe’s life; the only ones who care about her abandon her or make fun of her. Throughout most of the movie, she barely speaks and has no female friends.

Blonde isn’t subtle; scenes are laid out plainly, with a script that doesn’t show but tells. The script is really what holds up the house so that Ana de Armas can be shown from a thousand angles endlessly.

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