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A Jazzman’s Blues, Tyler Perry’s Most Recent Film, Has Been Released On Netflix



A Jazzman's Blues

(CTN News) – A Jazzman’s Blues, Tyler Perry’s latest film, debuted on Netflix last Friday. After sneaking into a performance of August Wilson’s Seven Guitars, where he also met Wilson.

He apparently wrote the screenplay or for the foundation and premise of the film A Jazzman’s Blues. This film’s trailer is fantastic, no doubt.

It was so different, even as someone who has seen nearly all of his films (including all films with Perry as Madea), that I thought maybe this film was better than the rest.

Compared to Tyler Perry’s previous films, A Jazzman’s Blues is better.  

Tyler Perry does not seem to care one damn about the criticisms that have been leveled against him by a great many of us. That is something I appreciate and respect. His empire has literally been built on his terms, and he has a large audience to thank for that.

What are these criticisms about A Jazzman’s Blues?

You asked a good question. In addition to gaping plot holes, bad writing, and implausible storylines filled with grandstanding moral Christian messages, the series is also criticized for lightly handling societal issues and/or heavily judging Black people.

One thing you can give him credit for is that he never uses the white gaze in his films (even those starring white people). The fact that white people will never see Perry’s films doesn’t bother me at all.

What makes me believe he doesn’t care? Some films are better than others for various reasons, but he keeps making films with all the same problems.

Jazzman’s Blues is one of those films that stands out from the crowd. As for the plot holes, bad writing and various Black traumas in spades (it’s set in the “Deep South” in the 1940s),

This movie lacks the white gaze (all of the white people in this movie are terrible people as well), is devoid of the white gaze, has plot holes, is full of plot holes, and has a lot of substandard writing on top of it.

In spite of this, it’s cinematically stunning, has some fabulous dance numbers, and a decent story that just needs some more writers. During the year 2021, Perry famously announced that all of his films were written by him.

Something he seemed very proud of, whereas most of us thought, “Well, duh,” since I think most of us think all of his movies would be better if he, ya know, had additional eyes on them.

Jazzman’s Blues isn’t a bad movie; it’s not great, but it’s not awful either. Nobody is eating air in the background like in A Fall from Grace (an actual bad movie saved by a group watch and social media ragefest).

As with A Madea Family Funeral and Nobody’s Fool (among others), A Madea Homecoming was a bad movie. There are bad movies he has.

To be fair, I thought The Family That Preys, Daddy’s Little Girls, and Good Deeds were good movies, and (surprisingly) Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor and Acrimony were good bad movies.

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