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BTS Extends Contracts With HYBE, BigHit Music Donates $750,000 In BTS ARMY’s Name




(CTN NEWS) – In an exciting development bound to bring joy to their dedicated worldwide fanbase, BTS, the renowned boy band, has officially extended their contracts with BigHit Music, the label under HYBE Corporation’s management.

This collective commitment reaffirms their unwavering loyalty not only to their agency but also to one another and their enormous community of fans, affectionately known as ARMY.

In a statement revealing their future intentions, the group made a heartfelt promise to “remain united not only through 2025 but also beyond.”

BigHit Music has officially corroborated this thrilling announcement through a formal press release distributed to the media. The statement, in essence, states, “The BigHit Music board unanimously voted to extend the exclusive contracts of BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.”

BTS Members Sign Renewed Contracts with Varying Timing Due to Commitments Outside of Music

BTS members will be signing their contracts at different times due to their commitments outside of music. Currently, BTS members Jin and J-Hope are fulfilling their mandatory military duties, while Suga is gearing up to join them in military service this coming Friday.

In South Korea, a mandatory military service requirement applies to all physically fit men between the ages of 18 and 28, involving a service duration of approximately two years.

All BTS members had been granted permission to postpone commencing their military service until they reached the age of 30. Suga reached this milestone on March 9.

This recent renewal signifies the second instance of BTS members extending their contracts with BigHit. The group initially made their debut in June 2013 and chose to renew their contracts five years later in October 2018.

This decision was made two years ahead of the completion of their original contract, a practice aligned with the customary seven-year increments often seen in K-pop contracts.

The specific length of these new contracts remains undisclosed, as BigHit Music has not disclosed the exact duration BTS has committed to this time. However, the label has provided reassurance to fans by stating, “BTS will continue to stay together beyond 2025.”

BTS’s V Achieves Top 10 Success on Billboard 200 with Debut EP “Layover”

This news coincides with a significant achievement by one of BTS’s seven singers, V, who has secured his first top 10 album in the United States apart from his contributions to the band.

V’s debut EP, titled “Layover,” has made its debut at the No. 2 spot on this week’s Billboard 200 chart. This accomplishment marks him as the fifth member of the group to achieve a top-tier position on this prestigious chart.

Big Hit Donates $700,000 to UNICEF as an Expression of Appreciation to BTS and ARMY

Big Hit has additionally revealed a generous donation, described as “an expression of appreciation to BTS and their devoted fanbase, ARMY,” totaling 1 billion South Korean won (equivalent to an estimated $700,000 U.S. dollars).

This donation will be directed to the Korean Committee for UNICEF as a part of the Love Myself campaign, a collaborative effort with BTS that was initiated in November 2017.

This action represents an extension of their LOVE MYSELF campaign, which was originally launched in November 2017. The campaign’s primary goal is to #ENDviolence against minors and to ensure the safety and well-being of children and teenagers.

Over time, BTS and their fans have joined forces to raise funds, aiming to protect victims of various forms of violence, including domestic violence, school violence, and sexual assault on a global scale.

The charitable donation made by BIGHIT MUSIC is dedicated in the name of ARMY, showcasing their deep affection and support for both the fans and BTS.


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