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Logan Paul Reflects On His WWE Match Against Roman Reigns: ‘That’s My Proudest Performance’




(CTN NEWS) – Logan Paul: “My ultimate sights are on some WWE Championships”

Logan Paul’s desire to pursue WWE championships aligns with his past interactions with the professional wrestling world. Paul has made appearances in WWE, including his involvement in WrestleMania 37, where he participated in a match against Sami Zayn.

This connection between the YouTube personality and WWE suggests that his interest in WWE championships is more than just talk.

If Paul is serious about joining the ranks of WWE and challenging Roman Reigns or other champions, he will likely need to continue training and make a formal commitment to a wrestling career.

WWE has a structured process for developing and promoting talent, and newcomers often go through their training program in the Performance Center before making their way to the main roster.

Paul’s celebrity status and following could potentially make him an attractive addition to WWE, and fans will be curious to see if he can transition from the boxing ring to the wrestling ring in pursuit of championship gold.

Logan Paul’s match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel in November was indeed notable and marked an impressive early step in his wrestling career.


The match’s dramatic moments and the frog splash onto the announce table likely helped raise Paul’s profile in the wrestling world and left an impression on fans.

Given the positive response to his performance, it’s no surprise that he’s expressing interest in returning to WWE and potentially pursuing championship titles.

Wrestling fans will be watching closely to see if Logan Paul can build on his early success in the world of professional wrestling.

Logan Paul’s impact on his early wrestling career, especially in WWE, was indeed notable. His match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel was well-received and generated excitement among fans.Both Reigns and Paul’s performances in that match left a positive impression.

It’s interesting to hear that even Paul, who is known for his self-confidence, didn’t initially believe he could reach such levels of excellence in professional wrestling so quickly.

His rapid rise in the wrestling world showcases the impact he’s had in a relatively short time. It’ll be fascinating to see how his wrestling career continues to develop, especially if he’s eyeing WWE championship titles in the future.

Logan Paul’s dedication to his pro wrestling career is evident from his words. He viewed the match against Roman Reigns as a significant turning point in his journey, where he felt like he truly belonged in the world of professional wrestling.

Paul’s enthusiasm and determination to succeed in wrestling shone through in his performance against Reigns, making it a memorable and well-received match.

Roman Reigns also played a crucial role in making Paul’s character look credible, but it’s clear that Paul’s talent and hard work were equally significant factors in his success.

His commitment to the wrestling world and his willingness to overprepare for his matches are paying off, and it’s exciting to see how he continues to develop as a wrestler in the future.

It’s clear that Logan Paul has a lot of ambition and determination when it comes to his pro wrestling career. Despite his high-profile boxing matches, he’s not only looking to return to WWE but also has a list of potential opponents he’s eager to face.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are at the top of that list, and Paul is determined to make an impact in WWE and pursue more opportunities in the world of professional wrestling.

His passion for the industry is evident, and fans can likely expect to see more of him in the squared circle in the future.


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