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What To Watch This Weekend: Best TV Series & Movies [April 14th-16th]

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What To Watch This Weekend: Best TV Series & Movies [April 14th-16th]
Stuck on what to watch this weekend? Look no further! Our guide has got you covered with the best TV shows and movies to stream on all your favorite platforms.

(CTN NEWS) – It’s Friday evening, and you’ve just finished a long week at work. You want to unwind and relax, but you’re stuck on what to do.

You could go out and socialize, but after a hectic week, you only want to curl up on the couch and watch something. But with so many streaming platforms and options available, deciding what to watch is tough.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide on what to watch this weekend.

Whether you’re in the mood for a laugh or a good cry, we’ve got recommendations for everyone. So, please sit back, relax, and let us guide you to the perfect viewing experience.

What to Watch This Weekend: TV Shows

Single Drunk Female (Season 2 Premiere)

Release Date: April 12 on Freeform

Spend your weekend binge-watching (not binge-drinking) Seasons 1 and 2 of the Freeform series Single Drunk Female if you haven’t already.

Simone Finch is the creator of this brilliantly written dramedy series, follows the dry Samantha Fink (Sofia Black-D’Elia), who is trying her best to stay dry after starting her sobriety journey.

As Season 2 approaches, our titular alcoholic female’s situation is improving, but how she will respond to the huge plot shock from the Season 1 conclusion is unclear.

Sam (Sam Sheedy) will continue to have difficult but loving relationships with her mother Carol (Ally Sheedy), while Sam’s best friend Felicia (Lily Mae Harrington) will continue to have pure fun.

And watch for a Breakfast Club reunion this season when Molly Ringwald makes a special appearance.

Rennervations (Series Premiere)

Release Date: April 12 on Disney+

In this four-part series, Jeremy Renner transforms abandoned government vehicles into useful tools for children and communities all over the world.

It resembles Pimp My Ride on a bigger, healthier scale. Throughout the series, Hawkeye’s Avenger friends like Anthony Mackie make appearances to lend a hand.

You’ll smile throughout this heartwarming comfort programme. Watch it right away on Disney+.

Watch Rennervations on Disney+

Barry (Final Season Premiere)

Release Date: April 16 on HBO

In the fourth and final season premiere of HBO’s Barry, Bill Hader makes a comeback as a hitman turned actor.

Hader co-created and starred in the series, which combined crime-thriller drama with a distinctive brand of dark humour.

Aside from Anthony Carrigan, who steals nearly every scene he’s in, the production also stars Sarah Goldberg, who offers one of the most nuanced performances of the entire ensemble, comedic powerhouses Henry Wrinkler and Stephen Root, and Anthony Root.

Catch the season four debut on HBO this Sunday at 9:00 PM ET.

Watch Barry on HBO Max

Florida Man

You’ve probably seen headlines that begin, “Florida Man….” and then read the craziest shit you’ve ever read.

This limited series from Donald Todd (Ugly Betty, This Is Us), which follows a disgraced former officer returning to his native Florida to find a mobster’s runaway fiancée, seeks to recreate that spirit.

On Netflix, all seven episodes are currently accessible.

Watch Florida Man on Netflix

The Last Thing He Told Me (Series Premiere)

Release Date: April 14 on Apple TV+

What did he tell you? In The Last Thing He Told Me on Apple TV+, Jennifer Garner and Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau play a married couple with a mystery.

This gripping limited series follows the tale of Hannah (Garner), a wife and mother whose life takes a turn when her husband Owen (Coster-Waldau) vanishes.

It is based on the book of the same name by Laura Dave, who also wrote the series she co-created with Josh Singer.

She gets closer to her stepdaughter Bailey (Angourie Rice), who could actually have some solutions, as she tries to put the pieces of this odd puzzle back together.

What to Watch This Weekend: Movies


Most people have at some point had a supervisor they detested, sometimes even labelling them as completely evil. Renfield, on the other hand, tells the tale of Dracula’s emotionally tormented assistant.

And Nicolas Cage is the ideal actor to depict a brash, forceful force. Renfield is currently playing in theatres if you and your friends want to see Nicolas Cage perform as Nicolas Cage.

Get Tickets for Renfield at Fandango

The Pope’s Exorcist

The Pope’s Exorcist, which debuts in theatres, is another choice that can stir up something deep within of you.

The main reason to see this movie is that Father Gabriele Amorth, a well-known Italian priest who carried out over 100,000 exorcisms for the Vatican (yes, over 100,000), served as its inspiration.

The film is based on several of Amorth’s memoirs, and Russell Crowe dons a white collar to play him in what is reportedly his first starring role in a horror movie.

Where to Watch: In theaters


This week sees the release of the Japanese animated adventure film Suzume. A high school girl and an enigmatic guy fight to avert different disasters throughout Japan in this anime by renowned anime director Makoto Shinkai.

Hokuto Matsumura, who is also a member of the Japanese pop group SixTONES, is one of those providing his voice.

How about the fact that Makoto Shinkai’s two previous films, Your Name and Weathering With You, were both Certified Fresh at 98% and 92% on the Tomatometer, and Suzume is currently also Fresh at 94%, if the allure of anime and a pop idol isn’t quite enough for you?

When it premiered in Japan in November of last year, it ranked fourth among all movies there in terms of box office revenue.

Where to Watch: In theaters

Flashdance (1983)

Finally, as part of our RT25 celebration, we present Flashdance from 1983.

The ideal time to watch this cult favourite romance drama, which stars Jennifer Beals as a passionate young dancer aspiring to be a professional ballerina, is really now that it is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Legendary producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, who would later team up to make movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Bad Boys, and The Rock, worked together for the first time on it. I

n the end, some of the music video-like scenes from this movie had an influence on other films from the decade, including Purple Rain, Top Gun, and Footloose.

Despite being rated Rotten on the Tomatometer, Beals’ performance was praised by reviewers and fans alike.

The film in question had two songs nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars, and the song “Flashdance… What a Feeling” took home the award. Simply watch it if you want to experience that sensation as well.

Where to Watch: Vudu

What to Watch This Weekend: Foreign Language Picks

  1. Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) (Netflix): This Spanish heist series follows a group of criminals who plan to pull off the biggest robbery in history.
  2. Dark (Netflix): This German series explores the consequences of time travel and the interconnected lives of four families in a small town.
  3. Parasite (Hulu): This Academy Award-winning film from South Korea follows a poor family who cons their way into the lives of a wealthy family.
  4. The Handmaiden (Amazon Prime Video): This South Korean film, based on the novel Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, tells the story of a con artist who falls in love with her wealthy target.
  5. Call My Agent! (Dix pour cent) (Netflix): This French comedy series follows a group of agents working in a talent agency in Paris and the eccentric actors they represent.


In conclusion, deciding What to Watch This Weekend can be daunting, but with our comprehensive guide, you’re sure to find something to suit your mood.

Whether you’re in the mood for there’s something for everyone on this list. So, grab some popcorn, get cozy, and enjoy your weekend binge-watch session!


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