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Blake Lively Apologizes For Insensitive Joke About Kate Middleton

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Blake Lively Apologizes For Insensitive Joke About Kate Middleton

(CTN News) – Earlier this week, Hollywood star Blake Lively issued a public apology to Kate Middleton just hours after she announced her cancer diagnosis.

Among a number of Hollywood celebrities who joked about the Princess of Wales’ whereabouts and an attempt to make a Photoshop effect of it, the It Ends With Us actor was among them.

In an Instagram post, the actress thanked Blake Lively and everyone for their support after learning the Princess of Wales had been diagnosed with cancer while also expressing how “mortified” she was to have made the ill-advised comment.

She wrote, “I’m sure nobody cares about this now, but I think I should acknowledge it,” as she explained to her readers. A little while ago, I made a silly post around the ‘photoshop fails’ frenzy and, oh, man, you know what, that post has me mortified to this day.”

“I am sorry for the inconvenience. She concluded by saying, “Sending love, well wishes, and good luck to you all, always.”. She has also revoked the post in which she joked about Kate’s photo editing and made fun of her.

Blake Lively promoted the latest alcohol-free mocktail range from her brand Betty Buzz. She used an image of herself relaxing by the pool, holding a can of Betty Booze, which appeared poorly edited.

I am so excited to share this new photo I took today of the 4 new @bettybuzz & @bettybooze products that we will be launching in the next few days! “Now you know what’s been going on with me,” she captioned the photo she posted on her social media.

In response to Kate’s announcement, Blake Lively and several journalists and celebrities who mocked her photo editing skills have apologized to her.

The Blake Lively royal correspondent for Sky News, Jennie Bond, said on the subject: “I hope these social media trolls who spread such ghastly theories will realize what they have done and apologize.”

There will be no doubt in her mind that these three children are her absolute priority,” she said.


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