Gabby & Rachel Fantasy Suites Fiasco During Clayton’s Bachelor Season,2022 Explained



(CTN News) _ In the Fantasy Suites portion of the season, he told each of his three remaining finalists – Gabby  &  Rachel, and the eventual winner Susie Evans that he loved them.

Any relationship can be made or broken by overnights during any given season. When Clayton told his remaining women he loved them, well, things were bound to get sticky – and they did.

Fans may remember Clayton’s fateful declaration of love for Gabby and Rachel post-Fantasy Suite rose ceremony, when he revealed to each of them that he had been intimate with them.

 Since Susie was conflicted about the Bachelor’s love for two other women, the two women were the only ones at the ceremony. The ceremony ended with Rachel and Gabby in tears.

Despite Gabby and Rachel returning, Clayton realized he still had a chance with Susie.

 Clayton states that it is not possible for him to love three women concurrently.

He adds that Gabby and Rachel deserve a person’s entire heart and that his “heart is no longer here; it is with Susie.”

Initially, Rachel had nothing to say, prompting Gabby to let loose on Clayton. Clayton decided to follow Gabby after she left the room, unable to let a bad situation go to waste.

She explained, “I do not know who you are at all.”. “I can’t believe anything you say at all.”

Later, Rachel told Clayton, “I was the only one who stood there, and you told me you would fight for it, and I believed you.”.

In tears, she added, “I fought for you in front of your parents when I was heartbroken and told them how much I love you.

You never once stood up for me while I fought for this every single day. Despite the little you gave me, I held on to it.”

Both contestants had another chance to find closure with Clayton in the After the Final Rose special. Using her time wisely, Gabby expressed her feelings of being misled and betrayed.

Rachel echoed Clayton’s sentiment, “You promised us transparency, but you left out the most important part.” At the time, I had no idea what was happening. “It felt like watching someone get blindsided.”

She went on to explain that she had no lingering feelings for Clayton, citing that she was “collateral damage” in his quest for love.

In spite of the previews showing plenty of unexpected twists and drama, hopefully there will be fewer romantic casualties as the Bachelorettes head towards their own Fantasy Suites.

Who is Gabby on Netflix?

Gabby (voiced and portrayed by Laila Lockhart Kraner) – A 12-year-old girl who has a magical cat headband which can shrink her down to toy-size.

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