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To Curb Cyber Threats, Microsoft Introduced the Secure Future Initiative



To Curb Cyber Threats, Microsoft Introduced the Secure Future Initiative

(CTN News) – Microsoft is taking steps to curb the threat of cybersecurity incidents through the launch of a new initiative called the Secure Future Initiative (SFI) that will focus on next-generation cybersecurity.

The escalating cyber threats are posing a serious threat to Microsoft’s products and platforms, which is why Microsoft is constantly working to improve the security that is built into its products and platforms.

In order to achieve the aims of the new initiative, there are three pillars, which are the use of AI-based cyber defences, advances in the fundamentals of software engineering, as well as advocacy for an improved application of international law.

With the aim to advance the threat intelligence of the Microsoft Threat Analysis Center (MTAC), Microsoft plans to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect threats at a rate that is as fast as the internet itself in order to advance its threat intelligence.

Using the Principles of Responsible AI, Microsoft is taking steps to secure the use of artificial intelligence in its services based on the Principles of Responsible AI.

Furthermore, the tech giant will also be focusing on implementing artificial intelligence into government and national security systems in order to strengthen national security and government.

Along with AI capabilities, the tech platform will also employ a systematic process to continuously integrate cybersecurity protection against emerging threat patterns as the engineers code, test, deploy, and operate the systems and services as they code, test, deploy, and operate them.

The default settings for multifactor authentication (MFA) will also be enhanced in order to provide customers with a more secure environment for multifactor authentication.

In addition to that, Microsoft plans to reduce by 50% the time it takes to mitigate cloud vulnerabilities as well as cut down the time it takes to mitigate them.

A new security initiative has been introduced by the company to address the backlash received after a major breach of the Azure platform that targeted the company’s cloud computing platform was revealed.


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