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Elon Musk To Discuss Enabling Full Self Driving (FSD) Mode On Tesla Cars In China

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(CTN News) – Elon Musk’s trip to Beijing has sparked discussions about bringing autonomous driving capabilities to Tesla vehicles in China.

Reports suggest that Musk’s agenda includes talks on implementing Full Self Driving (FSD) mode and utilizing data gathered within China to enhance Tesla’s algorithms.

While FSD is already accessible in several countries, it remains unavailable in China. This focus on expanding FSD capabilities aligns with Musk’s vision for Tesla’s technological advancements.

Tesla’s Autonomous Driving Features

The timing of these discussions coincides with a recent US report linking Tesla’s autonomous driving features to a series of accidents, including one fatality.

This underscores the importance of ensuring safety measures are robustly integrated into any advancements in autonomous driving technology.

During his meeting with Chinese Premier Li Qiang, Musk emphasized Tesla’s commitment to deepening collaboration with China for mutual benefit.

In response, Premier Li reaffirmed China’s stance of openness to foreign investment, signaling a conducive environment for Tesla’s endeavors in the Chinese market.

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Competition in China’s Automotive Market

Tesla’s presence in China, its second-largest market, faces intensified competition from local players like Xpeng, headquartered in Guangzhou, which are also integrating self-driving features into their vehicles.

During his visit, Musk praised Chinese car manufacturers as formidable competitors, acknowledging their advancements in the automotive sector.

Tesla has made concerted efforts to address Chinese authorities’ concerns regarding the introduction of FSD technology, including establishing a data center in Shanghai to handle consumer data in compliance with local regulations.

NHTSA Investigation and Autonomous Driving Scrutiny

Musk’s trip coincides with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s investigation into whether a previous recall adequately addressed safety issues associated with Tesla’s driver assistance system.

The NHTSA highlighted instances where drivers failed to remain sufficiently engaged despite the system’s requirement for constant attention and readiness to take control.

Musk’s ambitious promises regarding autonomous driving, including the concept of Tesla vehicles operating as “robotaxis,” have faced scrutiny over the years.

Critics accuse him of exaggerating the capabilities of autonomous driving technology to buoy the stock price. However, Musk refutes these claims.

It’s’s strategy to stimulate demand includes frequent price adjustments, reflecting fluctuations in production and consumer preferences. Musk recently emphasized the necessity of dynamic pricing to align production with market demand.

Despite it’s efforts to sustain momentum, the company reported a decline in automotive sales and profits for the first quarter of the year, along with a significant drop in its share price in 2024.

These challenges stem from various factors, including global declines in demand for electric vehicles and increased competition from more affordable Chinese manufacturers.

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