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‘ChatGPT Is The Best Coworker I’ve Ever Had’: Man Sparks Online Discussion



Many people agreed with his sentiment.

(CTN News) – The ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI continues to make waves around the world and continues to surprise people with its exceptional capabilities.

People across the globe have been using the bot for a variety of purposes since it was introduced. Currently, a user’s post about how the AI chatbot is his “only good coworker” has sparked a discussion on social media.

The Reddit user stated that an artificial intelligence (AI) bot assists him in accomplishing tasks that would normally require the assistance of nearly eight individuals. It has been my experience that I work in corporate settings, as well as managing my own department. It has been my experience that I work with a bunch of idiots. Most of them can’t or don’t want to do their jobs,” he stated.

In his statement, the user said that he previously feared certain aspects of his day, but now he no longer fears them. “I used to hate certain parts of my day before I discovered ChatGPT. Now that I have Chat GPT as my coworker, I enjoy coming into work and creating custom GPTs to do the work of about 8 people.

As I drive to work, I think about how much fun I will have with ChatGPT  and the quality of the work I will be able to produce. It makes me seem like a rockstar. I do not have anyone in my life who comprehends GPT, so I just wanted to let it go.

As a result of the post being shared, it has received a large number of reactions on the platform. Many people agreed with his sentiment, but others suggested that the issue may have been with his department.

“I work in information management. I have been using it to automate certain tasks by having it write Python scripts and I tell it what those scripts should do in regular English. I used to ask these questions to a colleague. The ChatGPT system delivers what I need in seconds, where my colleague would have needed half a day or more. However, I am sorry for my colleague.

As stated by another, “I have sometimes encountered difficulties at work, and I also seek guidance and solutions from ChatGPT. Of course, there are times when it may not be useful, but it has always accompanied me in the midst of frustrating times.”

“My friend asked me if I always use chat GPT, and I said yes. It streamlines everything so efficiently. I work so much more efficiently now. Easy answer,” wrote a third person.

According to one individual, “That’s amazing.” An excellent example of how AI can be used to improve human performance.” As one user commented, “I feel sorry for those who are required to work in such a way. ChatGPT is great, but it cannot replace good colleagues. It is your right to have a better OP,” she said.

According to a commenter, “Seeing how stupid ChatGPT can be, I cannot help but wonder what kind of work it can replace. Sounds like your department was responsible.”


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