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Kyle Kuzma Declined His $13 Million Player Option – 3 Potential Landing Spots

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Kyle Kuzma

(CTN NEWS) – Kyle Kuzma, who declined his $13 million player option with the Washington Wizards, is expected to be among the best players available in free agency.

It’s expected that Kuzma will sign with a different team this offseason because the organisation is currently rebuilding after dealing Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis.

The 28-year-old Kuzma has made a name for himself since being dealt to the Wizards. He just finished a season in which he played 35.0 minutes per game while averaging 21.2 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 3.7 assists.

He achieved new single-season career highs in points and assists per game with Washington thanks to an enlarged role.

The Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz are two of the teams with “known” interest in Kyle Kuzma, according to Matt Moore of Action Network.

The Jazz and Mavericks are two teams that are rumoured to be interested in Kuzma; the Jazz is one of the few teams that is reportedly willing to put up substantial money in early negotiations, according to Moore.

NBA Free Agency Rumor

On the surface, there’s a lot to appreciate about what could be accomplished by adding Kyle Kuzma to a squad that is led by Luka Doncic and maybe upcoming free agency Kyrie Irving.

But after a 38-44 season in which he finished 30th in total rebounding percentage and 25th in defensive rating, Kuzma was unable to address the team’s most fundamental problems.

The Mavs’ main challenge would be to make it possible for Kuzma to be acquired in a sign-and-trade situation. On his upcoming contract, he reportedly wants an average of $30 million every season.

kyle kuzma

Paying such a high price for Kuzma would be problematic because the Mavericks need to sign Irving to a new deal.

“Kyle Kuzma might find a new home in free agency with the Wizards shifting towards a rebuild after selling Beal, though it’s not a given. According to league insiders, Kyle Kuzma wants $30 million each season in negotiations.

Grant Williams (restricted) and Harrison Barnes are upcoming free agents, and the Mavs have already been mentioned as potential suitors.

All of these choices would need the Mavs using a sign-and-trade, which necessitates the player’s desire to join the team in addition to the current team’s assistance in facilitating a trade.

The results of the NBA Draught on Thursday will provide a much better view of the Mavs’ remaining offseason prospects. The team currently possesses the 10th pick, and it is commonly believed that they will trade it.

Here are three teams that are potential landing spots.

1. Washington Wizards:

The most likely result is this. After agreeing to trade Bradley Beal, the Wizards are undoubtedly in the midst of a rebuilding phase.

Despite this, they would prefer to re-sign Kyle Kuzma to a fair contract of $20 million per season, give or take, and then trade him later on when they can acquire picks or a young player to aid in the rebuilding process.

This is Beal’s best option if he wants to join a contending club or simply a quality playoff squad rather than a rebuilding team with cap space (most of the teams with cash to spend this summer are themselves in various stages of rebuilding).

2. Houston Rockets:

The Rockets have roughly $60 million in cap space and a desire to start winning.

If recent speculations of James Harden re-signing with Philadelphia are accurate, Kuzma might be the type of free agent they pursue to help complete their squad.

This summer, Houston is anticipated to at least speak with a number of elite free agents, and Kuzma will be on that list.

3. Indiana Pacers:

Marc Stein discussed the need for a floor-spacing forward by the Pacers in a recent Substack newsletter. Harrison Barnes, who most recently resided in Sacramento, is at the top of their list, according to Stein.

The Pacers have the cap capacity to pay Kyle Kuzma in the low $20 million bracket per season, and he makes sense as a backup. This agreement may be advantageous to both clubs.

Kyle Kuzma will have options and will also have other suitors. Whatever he decides, choosing out of this deal was the appropriate choice because the major is about to receive payment.

Which ought to pay for a couple more fun pregame outfits to wear to the arena.


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