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British YouTuber Gets Police Visit for Criticizing Thailand Online

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Thai Police Question British YouTuber
British YouTuber Questioned by Police: CTN Image

Thailand’s Tourist Police have cautioned a British tourist for posting disparaging videos about the Thai government on social media, citing the potential harm to the country’s image and security.

British National Mr. Thomas (last name withheld) was visited at his home in northern Thailand’s Mae Hong Son’s Pai district, where Tourist Police asked him to consider the potential implications of his behavior. He was reminded that he was a guest in the country and should act accordingly.

He was ordered to remove all of his videos on YouTube and other social media sites and was then taken to the police station to record the occurrence. Watch News Video.

The Asean Now reported, Mr. Thomas was advised that if he continues to post potentially harmful content about Thailand online, he could face being blacklisted from Thailand for 5 years and punishment under Thai law.

A senior officer at Thailand’s Tourist Police headquarters told the Asean Now that the existing evidence would be given to the Immigration Police for further action, meaning that Mr. Thomas had already broken Thai law.

Mr. Thomas who goes by the name of the Esoteric Entrepreneur  on YouTube later apologized.

Meanwhile, a British visitor was arrested after a little amount of cocaine was discovered inside his passport at Phuket airport. Police stated on Friday that immigration authorities detained Jamie Louis Swain, 29, after discovering a sachet containing 0.42 grams of cocaine inside his passport at the inbound passenger terminal around 7 p.m.

The arrest occurred after an immigration officer on duty verified his passport at an immigration station. When the officer opened the passport, he discovered a plastic packet containing suspected powder inside. The man appeared shocked.

The suspicious item was tested, and the results showed that it was cocaine, a category 2 narcotic drug. Mr Swain was turned up to the Phuket police station for further legal proceedings.

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