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Top 5 Famous Thai Celebrity You Must Know in 2022



op 5 Famous Thai Celebrity You Must Know in 2022

People who make a mark among the multitudes turn out to be celebrities. Celebrities inspire generations with their Talent, hard work, perseverance, and Discipline.

The rare quality that makes one celebrity is the perception of life. Like all others, they see things but with a different eye.

Whether an actor like Manny Montana or a Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, they have their narrative and understanding.

Now when the discussion is narrowed down to Thailand, one must say that Thailand is a highly media-loving country. Gossips rule over facts. Social Media speaks a lot in Thailand.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Top 5 Thai Celebrities in the year 2022.

How Celebrities Inspire Youth

Today’s world is media-centric, and the media makes faces that represent common people with common interests.

It can better be said that media creates celebrities. Just because celebrities represent the common masses, they have a great influence on these groups of people.

According to one study, it is found that 80% of teen girls compare themselves to their ideal celebrities. The profound influence helps people ape celebrities to a certain extent. This is common among famous Thai celebrities.

Celebrities enjoy special status in the society they represent, but the reality is extremely harsh for them.

Behind the entire journey of a celebrity, there are lots of sacrifices, small and big. Therefore, celebrities always need to be highly aware that their activities are under the microscope of the common sphere.

A celebrity is often hardworking, diligent, and focused (though not a thumb rule). They set an example, and that is the pressure that they dwell under all the time.

There are always millions of eyes watching! There is always pressure to perform. The hot seat of a celebrity is extremely volatile.

You know, owning is easy but maintaining is extremely tough. But the hard fact with Famous Thai Celebrity and celebrities all over is that they set examples.

Top 5 Thai Celebrities From Different Fields

As already mentioned, celebrities have their own aura and style. They create their own opinions. So let’s see who appears in the lists of the Top 5 famous Thai celebrities.

1. Yang Ohm

You already know that Hip Hop has become quite an important culture in Thailand. And this form of Dance is famous among the young generations.

The popularity of Hip Hop culture that gained wide-scale popularity in Thailand is attributed to Yang Ohm. No matter why he is a celebrity among the Youth. Yang Ohm’s road from becoming a commoner to becoming a celebrity is akin to a journey.

His bubbling fame rode back to a few of the huge hits. And who can forget his appearance in the 2008 SEIKO advertisement?

To be very honest, he is indeed a Celebrity in the real sense of the term.

2. Pratyut O-Chana

There is no introduction needed of this individual; the name is enough. He is the formal Military General who has served as the Thai Prime Minister since 2014.

He took over as the prime minister with the assistance of the military amidst the period of political disturbance.

People know him to be very strict, regimental, and allergic to criticism. Such was the scenario that led 14 Journalists and Bloggers to leave the country.

The media was muzzled and bedraggled during his reign, to say the least. His policies proved to be a deathbed for the media channels lifting the voice of the political opposition. Call him good or bad but he tops our list of famous Thai celebrities.

3. Dhanin Chearavanont

He is the boss of Charoen Pokphand Group, one of the world’s largest animal feed and livestock producers.

Better known as CP, he had a strong influence in Thailand. CP has his assets and numerous stakes registered in the Chinese Stock Market. CPs kingdom is spread across multiple sectors like food processing, retail, technology, animal breeding, aquaculture, and many more.

His company is currently operating with pride in almost 20 countries. Such a famous Thai Celebrity he is!

4. Lisa Blackpink

Lalisa Monobal is another is known as Lisa Blackpink. She is a 27-year-old performer. She is one of the members of the all-girl group entitled Blackpink.

It is a South Korean Group. Along with other groups, this group is also highly famous in Thailand.

She is a famous Thai celebrity, and that too at such a young age. She is highly popular in Asia and, people magazine. One of the albums sold over 700000 units after its release.

They released a massive 70 million views on YouTube only 24 hours after its release. The success is indeed breathtaking!

5. Tatchakorn Yeerum (Tony Jaa)

Tony Jaa is among the best stars popular in Thailand. It is one of the most Internationally recognized stars in all of Thailand.

The actor rose to fame from the action epic “Ong Bak.” This action that was showcased in the film was a traditional acrobat. This action form extracted a lot of attraction in Hollywood Circle.

He was born in the Northeastern province of Surin. Tony Jaa was inspired highly by the films of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li.

He got his initial training lesson in Muay Thai when he was a mere 10-year-old kid. He remains a famous Thai celebrity edge.


It can be said that a celebrity is one among a million and they must devote a lot to keep their celebrity status.

A Celebrity apex leads by example. Famous Thai Celebrities like Tony Jaa are real heroes that came from a common background and climbed to the zenith of success.

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