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Tiger 3 Box Office Roars with ₹146 Crore Collection in 3 Days



Tiger 3 Box Office Roars with ₹146 Crore Collection in 3 Days

(CTN News) – Salman Khan’s latest spy-thriller, “Tiger 3,” directed by Maneesh Sharma, has stormed the box office with a massive opening on Diwali. The film, a sequel to the 2017 blockbuster “Tiger Zinda Hai,” has crossed the ₹100 crore mark in just two days, showcasing its dominance in the domestic market.

Day 3 Estimates and Overall Box Office Collection:

According to early estimates, “Tiger 3″ is projected to earn ₹42.50 crore on its third day in India. This follows its impressive start with ₹44.5 crore on Day 1 and ₹59 crore on Day 2. The film’s total collections now stand at a staggering ₹146 crores, solidifying its place as a Diwali blockbuster.

Cast and Cameos:

Starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in lead roles, “Tiger 3” also introduces Emraan Hashmi as the lead antagonist. Adding to the excitement, the film features cameo appearances by Hrithik Roshan from “War” and Shah Rukh Khan from “Pathaan,” enriching the narrative of this spy universe.

Critical Reception and Film Highlights:

The film’s screenplay by Shridhar Raghavan has garnered praise, with massy dialogues by Anckur Chaudhry enhancing the overall experience.

Anay Goswamy’s cinematography beautifully captures the film’s locales, although some critique is directed towards the editing, described as occasionally patchy and disjointed.

Despite a runtime of two hours and 36 minutes, the film manages to keep audiences engaged with its explosive sounds of bombs and gunshots.

Tiger 3 Review

Yash Raj Films’ Tiger 3 (UA) is the third film in the Tiger franchise. Avinash alias Tiger (Salman Khan) is a secret service agent for RAW, as he was in Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai. He is a father to a son with his wife, the former Pakistani ISI operative Zoya Nazar (Katrina Kaif).

Tiger follows instructions and saves Gopi (Ranvir Shorey) who, while dying, tells him of the diabolical scheme of the Pakistanis, which would badly effect India.

Tiger is deeply troubled by the news due to its profoundly personal nature. Tiger then travels to Pakistan and meets Aatish Rehman (Emraan Hashmi), a former ISI agent from the country.

In fact, Aatish learned from Zoya’s father, and Zoya’s father taught Gurket Kaur when she was a child. In Pakistan, Tiger learns that Aatish opposes the peace proposal Simran has made to India on behalf of Pakistan’s prime minister. Aatish and his ilk in Pakistan want to overthrow or assassinate the PM and replace democracy with a dictatorship.

Tiger, the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s son-in-law, decides to rescue his father-in-law. Zoya and the RAW agents Rakeshji (Kumud Mishra), Karan (Anand Vidhaat), and Nikhil (Chandrachoor Rai) help him accomplish his goals. Tiger quickly recruits a few more allies. But can Tiger complete his task?

Tiger 3 Plot

Avinash “Tiger” Singh Rathore, leading a blissful family life with his wife Zoya and son Junior, is called for a mission by R&AW Chief Maithili Menon. The mission involves rescuing his former handler, Gopi Arya, captured while investigating a dangerous Pakistani mission. After a successful rescue, Gopi discloses Zoya’s involvement, leading Tiger to spy on her.

Assigned to safeguard a vital informant named Jibran Shiekh in Russia, Tiger discovers Zoya’s mission to assassinate Shiekh. Despite a confrontation, Tiger manages to save Shiekh, only to be captured and taken to Aatish Rehman, an ex-ISI agent. Aatish reveals he forced Zoya into the mission by holding Junior hostage. Tiger and Zoya are forced to steal a briefcase in Istanbul, framing them as traitors.

Aatish harbors a grudge from a previous mission where Tiger and Zoya thwarted his plans. Tiger unknowingly killed Aatish’s wife, ISI agent Shaheen Baig. Imprisoned in Pakistan, Tiger escapes with Pathaan’s help and discovers Aatish’s plot to assassinate the Pakistani Prime Minister. With their teams, Tiger and Zoya expose the plan, revealing General Haq’s involvement.

Aatish kills Haq, framing Tiger, while Shaheen’s brother Javed aids Aatish. Tiger and Zoya save the Prime Minister, exposing Aatish’s crimes. In the final showdown, Tiger kills Aatish. Irani reveals the truth, exonerating Tiger and Zoya. They return to family life, pledging continued service to their country.

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