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Thierry Mugler, A French Fashion Designer, How Did he Die?

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A French fashion designer, creative director, and adviser Manfred Thierry Mugler died yesterday (23 January).

The designer is best known for his extravagant fashion shows and his hourglass-shaped, cinch-waisted cutouts of women’s clothing and couture. Mugler was credited with defining 1980s fashion with “power dressing,” such as shoulder pads. Known for expressing gender fluidity in his designs, he went on to design exclusively hyperfeminine looks for celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and rapper Cardi B.

”Thierry Mugler” released his first line in the 1970s under his name, and he became renowned all over the world for his use of avant-garde, hyperfeminine cuts, 1940s and 50s influences, and his theatrical approach to haute couture.

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What caused the death of Thierry Mugler?

”Thierry Mugler”’ died of “natural causes” on Sunday 23 January at the age of 73.

Manfred Thierry Mugler’s official Facebook account posted the following on Sunday, January 23rd, 2022: “We are devastated to announce his passing. May his soul rest in peace.”

A number of celebrities have publicly expressed their condolences as friends and admirers of the beloved fashion designer.

Tracee Ellis Ross, daughter of Diana Ross, wrote on Instagram: “I had the honor of walking for @muglerofficial twice: 1991 & 1992. When I was 18 to 19 years old.

“I desperately wanted to be a model. But, Super Model-dom was way out of my reach until my mother got a phone call from the incredible @manfredthierrymugler.”


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Is Thierry Mugler a luxury brand?

Mugler is a luxury brand, yes.

As well as clothing and fragrance, the brand also offers beauty products. Mugler was also famous for using corsets on his women’s wear and thinking outside the box for his runway shows. At the age of 24, Mugler moved to Paris and started as a ballet dancer and photographer before getting into fashion.

Trans models have also been cast in his shows since the 1980s, and he regularly collaborates with drag artists, seeing the LGBTQ+ community as an inspiration.

Mugler’s fashion division closed in 2002 but reopened in 2010 under a new creative direction.

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