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In This Photo, Shaquille O’Neal Shows His Hospital Room: What Happened?



In This Photo, Shaquille O'Neal Shows His Hospital Room: What Happened?

(CTN News) – As a result of Shaquille O’Neal’s stumble on Sunday night, the sports world was concerned about him, but the NBA star is doing well.

Newark native Joe Vernon tweeted a picture on Sunday night of himself on a hospital bed with no context, which prompted responses that left many wondering what was going on with him. He won four NBA titles in a Hall of Fame career. The photo can be found here if you wish to see it.

It’s always a pleasure watching (TNT studio host Ernie Johnson) and (TNT studio analyst Candace Parker) on TNT. Miss you all,” added Shaquille O’Neal on Twitter.

“Is everything all right big man?” he asked, joining the chorus of tweets sending well wishes to Shaquille O’Neal from the NBA’s former center Roy Hibbert.

There is, thankfully, a positive answer to the question.

Johnson revealed Sunday that Shaquille O’Neal had recently undergone hip replacement surgery while working in the Turner studio during NCAA Tournament coverage. Considering that the same photo had been tweeted earlier in the week, it is most likely that the procedure took place before Sunday’s event.

In October, when Warner Bros. acquired Shaquille O’Neal,

A contract extension has been signed by Shaquille O’Neal with Turner Sports. A new agreement was reached by Discovery Sports today with the four athletes from TNT’s Inside the NBA studio show – Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and O’Neal – to ensure that they remain together for years to come.

The Godfather and Kenneth deserve my congratulations … could I be overlooking someone else? Awful Announcing reported at the time that Shaquille O’Neal said that. Just joking, Charles…

I love you the way you are. In the long run, as long as I ask, “Are you note ntertained?? How do you feel about this?” and the answer is “Yes,” then we’ll keep this going as long as it’s fun to watch.”


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