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First Case Of Poliovirus Detected in Pakistan in 2023



First Case Of Poliovirus Detected in Pakistan in 2023

(CTN News) – A three-year-old kid in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) tested positive for the poliovirus, marking the first paralyzing disease in Pakistan in 2023.

Health officials verified that the small kid, a native of Ghora Bakka Khel in Bannu, had tested positive for the virus.

The young boy’s legs are both damaged by the paralyzing condition. The authorities have stated that the sufferer and his family have never left the country.

Pakistan government renews commitment to eradicating poliovirus

An environmental sample in Lahore yielded Pakistan’s first discovery of wild poliovirus in 2023, Minister for National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination Abdul Qadir Patel revealed on January 24.

However, the virus has been found in sewage water regularly. The Pakistan Polio Laboratory at the National Institute of Health (NIH) reported that the poliovirus discovered in Gulshan-e-sample Ravi’s had ties to the Nangarhar province in Afghanistan dating back to November.

In the meantime, Patel has stated that “the two countries are unified in the fight against the virus and are working together to eradicate” the debilitating illness.

He reaffirmed the government’s resolve to eliminate the disease nationwide.

Vaccination critical in stopping the spread of poliovirus urges minister

He also noted that while it was concerning that the virus had been isolated, it was quite encouraging that it had been discovered so quickly.

To paralyze children with polio, “this timely discovery of the virus in the environment was vital.”

The minister remarked, “The only way to stop the virus is to vaccinate all children under five.”

This statement emphasizes the importance of timely vaccinations. Parents and guardians in Lahore, Pakistan, should take special care to have their children vaccinated during the February round.

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