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Josh McDaniels’ Late-Game Field Goal Decision Faces Scrutiny



Josh McDaniels' Late-Game Field Goal Decision Faces Scrutiny

(CTN News) – Josh McDaniels, who is the coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, had to make a decision with 3:11 left to play in the fourth quarter, and nearly one minute later, he had to make the same decision once again.

There was a 4th-and-5 situation in which the Raiders lined up from the Steelers’ 29 yard line in order to kick a field goal down eight points.

Even if they were successful, the team would still have to score a touchdown in order to take the lead. It was possible for the team to take a chance on the end zone, but they decided to take the points as there were no more timeouts available.

It was Daniel Carlson who made the field goal, but the entire play was ruled null and void after Steelers defensive end Demarvin Leal was ruled for leverage – a personal foul – which gave Las Vegas a fresh set of downs to work with.

As a result, Jimmy Garoppolo completed one pass for 6 yards, but threw two incomplete passes following that. During fourth down, Josh McDaniels opted for a field goal from the Steelers’ 8-yard line. In order to win that game, they needed to score a touchdown against the Steelers, who were ahead by five points.

The coaching decision made by the coach was dissatisfactory to a number of fans watching the game.

It can be argued that Josh McDaniels represents the greatest product of Tom Brady’s career, as he has been exposed more consistently and more spectacularly without his creator than any other Brady creation, according to Boston broadcaster Matt McCarthy on X. “Denver, St. Louis, Las Vegas. This guy is a walking disaster everywhere he goes.”

“People were calling for Brandon Staley’s termination earlier after he failed on 4th and 1 inside the 25” CBS Sports betting expert Todd Fuhrman wrote.

“What Josh McDaniels is doing on this series is 1000% more fire-worthy than anything I have seen so far.”

“This would have been a major help to Josh McDaniels in the fourth quarter,” NFL journalist Bill Barnwell wrote in reference to a football explanation intended for Swift fans.

On their next drive, the Raiders stopped the Steelers and had 12 seconds to make a play. Garoppolo, however, threw an interception to Steelers cornerback Levi Wallace.

Asked whether going for a field goal demonstrated a lack of confidence in his offense, Josh McDaniels responded, “No! No!”. The game is going to require another possession regardless. It is not a matter of lack of confidence. We have gone for it multiple times.”

Earlier in the game, Las Vegas converted on 4th down.

In this case, Josh McDaniels explained that you have two options. If you get the ball back, you have the opportunity to win the game by scoring a touchdown, or if you go for it there and convert, then you must make the two-point conversion, etc.


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