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Users Of WhatsApp Will Soon Be Able To Create Alternate Profiles



Users Of WhatsApp Will Soon Be Able To Create Alternate Profiles

(CTN News) – There is no doubt that WhatsApp is rapidly adding features to its list so as to keep pace with its competitors like Telegram and Discord, which are also becoming increasingly popular.

As a result, Meta’s developers are finally considering how to improve WhatsApp in a more original way.

There is a new feature that has been spotted in development that suggests Meta has been working on alternate profiles for accounts, so that you don’t have to share your private life with everyone.

With WhatsApp, you can hide several elements from others, including a cherry-picked list of your own contacts, which you can hide from others.

It is possible to hide your last seen status on the app so nobody bothers you if you leave them on read, hide ephemeral status updates from nosy friends, and define who can view your profile picture on WhatsApp.

You have four options when it comes to choosing the visibility of your profile picture on WhatsApp, just like for status updates – Everyone, My contacts, Nobody, and My contacts except.

You have the option, in the last option, to select people in your contacts who should not be able to see the image that you have uploaded. A person who is denied access to your profile image due to this setting is instead treated to the sight of a generic gray silhouette of a person instead.

It is important to note, however, that this can be an unsuitable arrangement in many situations.

On Android, WhatsApp has recently updated its beta channel to version, and it appears the Meta engineering team is working on a feature called Alternate profile, which could provide us with the solution we are looking for.

WABetaInfo’s sleuths have pointed out that you can access it right beneath the privacy settings of your profile picture, according to the WABetaInfo team.

Using the new option, you will be able to add a secondary profile picture and account name to your profile. According to WhatsApp’s quick description, if someone is unable to see your primary profile picture and name, then WhatsApp will display this alternate profile instead.

This feature may be the ideal compromise between showing everyone your friendly profile picture and not revealing any personal information.

As a result, you will not need to worry about the public seeing your account name and image every time you change them. It is an ideal setting for a work phone, where you can have your professional side visible to the world, and a more approachable, semiformal side visible to your closest contacts.

The feature is still in the development phase, so it is not even available to beta testers at this time. Nevertheless, it follows the announcement that WhatsApp now supports worldwide account switching, which will serve as a perfect workaround until alternate profiles are available.

It is possible to switch between more than one WhatsApp account on the same smartphone, eliminating the need for hacks such as app cloning or having a secondary smartphone for the other WhatsApp account.


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