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The Key Advantages of CRM Software in the 21st Century



Boost Your Sales by 30% with Effective CRM Software Implementation

CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to a software system that helps businesses manage and optimise their relationships with customers, clients, and prospects. CRM software provides a centralised platform for storing and tracking customer data, communication history, sales leads, and other important information in order to improve customer service, sales, and overall corporate efficiency.


Bitrix24 was originally developed as a universal tool for building workflows in any sphere. Despite the fact that this software is suitable for businesses of any size (including small businesses), it is most often used by owners of large companies – some of the most active users are retailers, travel agencies, private clinics and law firms. The developers have created several programs to choose from – you can select the version that contains the functionality required by a particular user and not overpay for unnecessary options.

The key advantage and the most widely demanded section of CRM is the sales department. It allows you to:

  • Systematize the customer database and keep them in a protected place;
  • Work with leads, organizing interaction with potential customers;
  • Use a special system of interaction for successful transactions and their further conversion.

It is safe to say that Bitrix24 CRM is a software not only for sales, but also for production. Many factories often face the problem of implementing projects within agreed deadlines – this program makes it easy to handle all the arrangements by generating tasks for employees, transferring work communication to chats from these tasks and using a Gantt chart right at the initial project deadlines.


This online platform is designed not only for business automation, but also for successful audience engagement and launching advertising campaigns (for example, email newsletters). It is also worth mentioning the convenient tracking of different media channels (from social networks to blogs) that allow you to monitor user activity. What are the features of HubSpot?

  • Detailed reports
  • Landing pages and forms builder
  • Lead Tracking
  • Blog and social media management
  • Collaboration.

All of the options described above allow you to increase conversions and optimize the look and feel of your sales funnels. With this CRM, companies can work in several areas at the same time – promotion, analytics and converting leads into sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

It is a user-friendly, modular platform containing CRM and ERP with team collaboration options. The functionality is as simple as possible, but other modern applications (including cloud solutions) can be connected if necessary. The standard package contains:

  • Operations and finance;
  • Marketing;
  • Customer service;
  • Field service;
  • Project activities;
  • Sales.

The program can be used by companies of any size, containing from a dozen to several thousand employees. A unified information environment will help unify all necessary data and simplify its transfer. Any task can be automated thanks to a convenient designer. The platform can be accessed using any device and browser. This software became extremely popular thanks to a set of simple and essential functions for daily operations.

Keepin CRM

Since the developers have shifted the focus to simplicity and conciseness of the interface, this platform is best suited for start-up entrepreneurs and small companies. The functionality is so clear and simple that it will take minimal time to learn it.

Nevertheless, the program settings are so flexible that they allow you to optimize it for the specifics of any business model. Among the program’s features are financial management, a cash register for an offline store, documentation and a supplier database.

Keepin will be the optimal solution for commodity business and thanks to the ability to generate delivery notes, analyze sales and track stock balances.

Zoho CRM Software

This CRM is more suitable for small businesses. The project was conceived as a cloud-based solution for automating marketing and sales departments, so it makes it much easier for companies to convert leads and conduct transactions with counter-parties and customers.

The system allows analyzing data and making effective decisions based on it, automating most business processes and storing customer data in a confidential environment.

Employees can independently set up rules for data processing and notification of clients, but the main advantage is considered to be detailed analytics: reports contain all the details regarding profit and efficiency of contacts with the company’s clients. If needed, Zoho can be integrated with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Nimble CRM Software

It is a cloud-based tool to build quality customer relationships. It will help companies to control all stages of movement along the sales funnel and analyze the activities of specialists.

Information about customers is collected based on their data from social networks – business accounts can be linked to profiles in popular social networks. There is also built-in functionality for group chats, with which it is most convenient to form new connections and maintain old contacts.

A thoroughly developed analytics system allows you not only to generate detailed reports on the activity of a certain employee, but also to forecast his productivity for several months in advance. This cloud-based tool supports Chrome Plugin and auto-import contacts, and has a mobile app for easy access at any time.


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