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Ex-Facebook Employee Says It Drains Users’ Cellphone Batteries Intentionally



Ex-Facebook Employee Says It Drains Users' Cellphone Batteries Intentionally

(CTN News) – A long-standing rumor suggests Facebook and Facebook Messenger drain the battery on mobile devices. According to George Hayward, a data scientist who was formerly employed by Facebook, the company can secretly deplete the batteries of the smartphones of its users on purpose.

Apparently, Facebook is doing a form of negative testing, which is referred to as “negative testing.”

Using this method, tech companies are able to secretly drain a phone’s battery to test features of an application or to determine how an image will appear on a user’s device.

Hayward was dismissed by Facebook parent Meta as a result of his refusal to participate in negative testing. According to the Post, “I told the manager that this could cause harm to someone, and she responded that if we harm a few then we can benefit the broader majority.

Any data scientist worth their salt would know, do not harm people.”

In November, Hayward was terminated by Meta and originally filed a lawsuit against the company in Manhattan Federal Court.

Meta’s Facebook Messenger app allows users to make text, phone, and video calls between each other. Hayward’s attorney, Dan Kaiser, noted in the suit that draining smartphone batteries puts people at risk.

This is especially true in situations where they must communicate with others, such as law enforcement or emergency personnel.

The suit had to be withdrawn because Hayward was required to argue his case in arbitration due to Meta’s employment terms.

Most people are unaware that Facebook and other social media companies intentionally drain your battery. In a statement regarding the practice of negative testing, the lawyer added, “It is clearly illegal.

I am enraged to know that my horrified the battery can be tampered with by anyone.

Hayward was originally hired by Meta in 2019, and received a six-figure annual salary. Nevertheless, Hayward refused to perform the negative testing requested by the company, stating, “It turns out that telling your boss that something is illegal does not sit well with him.”

During his employment with Meta, Hayward received an internal training document entitled “How to run thoughtful negative tests.”

The document included examples of how to conduct such tests. According to Hayward, after reading the document, Facebook appeared to have used negative testing in the past.

“I have never seen a more terrible document in my professional career,” he stated.


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