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“Elon Musk’s Twitter Account Broke,” Says Mezrich Author



"Elon Musk's Twitter Account Broke," Says Mezrich Author

(CTN News) – It would appear that Elon Musk’s chaotic acquisition of Twitter had a serious impact on his mental health, as he even locked himself in his office once amid growing concerns that his reputation was tarnished due to his involvement with the microblogging site, according to ‘Breaking Twitter’ author Ben Mezrich.

The billionaire, Elon Musk according to Mr Mezrich, is a much different person today than he was back in 2022 when he purchased the powerful social media platform that created the largest social network in the world. He claimed that Twitter had broken Elon Musk’s career because of his use of Twitter.

Eventually, he locked himself in his office, and became so agitated that he was so upset that the Twitter employees were considering calling in the San Francisco police to conduct a wellness check on him because they thought he was going to self-harm,” Mr Mezrich told the publication.

His reaction was one of shock, as he is a person who cares deeply about his reputation, and he was shocked to hear the news.

As well as listing several incidents that led to Mr. Elon Musk falling into a “spiral” of depression, Mr. Mezrich also mentioned that he was attacked in his son’s car and was booed at a Dave Chappelle comedy show that he attended.

The audience at Mr Chappelle’s show last year booed the billionaire loudly and loudly, as reported by PageSix to have happened last year.

The Elon Musk comedian told the audience during his remarks at the time, “You weren’t expecting this, were you?” before joking, “It seems like some of the employees you fired are in the audience tonight, aren’t they?””


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