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Apple’s Music Streaming Plan Gets Evaluated By EU Regulators

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Apple's Music Streaming Plan Gets Evaluated By EU Regulators

(CTN News) – European antitrust regulators are examining an Apple (AAPL.O) proposal to let Spotify (SPOT.N) and other music streaming services advertise payment options outside its App Store, the European Commission announced on Monday.

Unless Apple’s proposal announced last Friday is accepted by the EU competition enforcer, which issued its order together with a $2 billion ($1.84 billion) fine last month, it risks being charged with antitrust charges and receiving fresh fines.

It has been proposed that the Swedish music streaming service Spotify and others can include a link to their websites to provide users with information about other methods of purchasing digital goods or services besides Apple’s App Store in their applications.

There is also the option of encouraging users to provide their email address so that the platform can send them a link so that they can purchase digital music content or services via the platform’s website.

There is a charge of 27% for Apple, however,

If such links are used in the future, which includes automatic renewals of subscriptions if those links are also used in the future.

A spokesperson for the European Commission commented on the matter in a statement: “We are currently in the process of assessing whether Apple has complied with the decision in full.”

According to the Commission’s general policy, if it suspects that there is a non-compliance with an adopted decision, it will send a Statement of Objections to the undertaking in question…”

A week after the EU order was issued, Spotify still believes Apple is not complying with it, and has expressed its disappointment in this.


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