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The Celtics Expected Sam Hauser To Make NBA History

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The Celtics Expected Sam Hauser To Make NBA History

(CTN News) – An unforgettable performance was set up on Sunday when the Boston Celtics’ injury report was finalized. In the absence of Jaylen Brown, Kristaps Porzingis, and Derrick White, Boston’s role players would have an opportunity to shine.

History was not predicted.

In just 22:49 of action, Sam Hauser made 10 three-pointers. Hauser hit the most threes in the least amount of time out of the 94 players who made 10 or more threes.

Hauser injured his ankle midway through the third quarter. Jayson Tatum said he “seems to be doing fine,” but Mazzulla’s ailment has left more history out there.

The goal was for him to break the record, said Tatum.

A Celtic made 11 threes on January 18, 2020, the most in a game. Hauser failed to meet the mark. His options weren’t limited to that. Horford expressed hope that he could shoot 15 percent.

Go for the league record in addition to breaking the Celtics record.

The rhythm he had was just perfect. I found it pretty cool to see.” Klay Thompson is the record holder for most threes made in a single game. On October 29, 2018, he had 14 points in 27 minutes. Despite being within striking distance, Hauser turned his ankle on the Washington Wizards bench.

His 15 threes were within reach with Washington’s 30th-ranked defense and a group of eager teammates. It was known to the Celtics.

The records are known to us as shooters, Horford said. Also, I knew the Celtics’ one from last year because Derrick White hit like seven or eight threes and finished with nine. We were aware of it and pulled for Sam.”

Hauser scored 30 points, a career high, despite having his night cut short. Due to Hauser’s precision off-ball movement and floor spacing, the Celtics dismantled the Wizards.

In Mazzulla’s opinion, he was able to get his shots within the flow of our execution. This is the weapon he possesses. A player’s ability to create open shots for himself and others by simply putting two on the ball. I enjoyed watching him shoot them, and I enjoyed watching his guys look for him.”

It was Hauser’s spots the Celtics found, and he hit them. Tatum commented, “He took all great shots, and we just found the hot hand.”

Only 100 times have this feat been accomplished in NBA history. A man who achieved it in fewer minutes. The NBA record books were unable to add another name to the books because of an ankle injury.

Despite its mediocre Rotten Tomatoes rating, Hauser’s plotline made Celtics-Wizards a blockbuster.


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