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Fabra, Worst Qualified Boca At Argentine Cup 1-0

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Fabra, Worst Qualified Boca At Argentine Cup 1-0

(CTN News) –  In the initial team, there were Colombians Frank Fabra and Sebastian Villa; the first of them played the 90 minutes, while the left winger replaced his teammate Deél Ezequiel ZEBALLOS in the 13th minute.

The Worst Qualified Boca:

The minimum difference was enough for Boca to be the second team to reach the quarterfinals of the Cup, the same as the Patronato after beating Gimnasia 2-1.

After the commitment, the newspaper Olé announced one by one of each player within the actions on the field and Fabra was the worst qualified Colombian with a score of 5 out of 10.

  •  Where it was stated that he was too intermittent and did not enter in the team game.

A rating of 6.5 was awarded to Villa, their analysis highlighted that he was seen to be superior in the second part of the commitment, reaching more to the rival goal and generating dangerous plays.

Jarman Campuzano, the other Colombian who has not been summoned for several dates, apparently due to the level of football and the possibility of leaving the team, was the main absentee again.

Karen Daniela Morales Duarte Tweet :

Wednesday night, an important match was played for Boca Juniors that would lead to the quarterfinals of the Copa Argentina, a feat they achieved after beating  Agropecuario with a final score of 1-0.

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