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The Best Football Leagues in the World



The Best Football Leagues in the World

The debate about which is the best Football leagues in the world, or which are the top 3, 5 or 10, has been raging for decades, and is sure to go on raging for as long as we remain in love with the game.

Unusually for lists such as this, in recent years there has become a clear leader. No matter what criteria you use, or who you ask, the English Premier Football Leagues League has managed to make the number one position its own, and it doesn’t look like it is going to be knocked off anytime soon.

The EPL is also one of the largest betting markets on the planet with literally dozens of dedicated sites such as oddschecker with free bet offers, expert analysis and fan reaction.

So what makes it so special, and who else is vying for second spot? There is so much subjectivity when it comes to ranking the next Football Leagues leagues (the order changes depending on criteria and personal preference), that we have refrained from listing the rest in any order.


The EPL is the Football Leagues every player wants to play in and every manager wants to manage in. It is also the league everyone wants to watch. By far the most-watched league in the world, no matter what sport, it is broadcast to 4.7 billion people, in 643 million homes, and in 212 countries.

So why is it the most popular Football Leagues in the most popular sport in the world? There are several reasons, all of which come together to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Unlike many Football Leagues, it is incredibly competitive, from top to bottom.

Not only must every team play at their very best to ensure taking all three points in every game, but it is also hard to predict who will win the title, or come in the top four with any certainty year on year.

The crowds and passion of the fans also makes a huge difference, and this is another reason TV companies and viewers flock to it. It’s hard to sell or get excited about something when the stadium is only half full.

The football in the EPL is also brilliant to watch. It is how football should be played and, whereas it was always frenetic, in recent years, the quality has increased dramatically without lessening the entertainment value.

Finally, and this was also something not the case until recently, it is where the best players and best managers ply their trade.

The Best of the Rest

The Championship, England’s second tier, is actually many English football fans’ favourite Football Leagues.

If you don’t know anything about it, imagine a Football Leagues that is more frenetic, has more games and, if anything, has more riding on it than the EPL. Little wonder it is consistently in the top four leagues when it comes to attendances.

The Bundesliga is similar to the EPL in several aspects. The play is of a similar style and pace, and the crowds are every bit as vociferous as their English counterparts.

There is also a good amount of star quality on the pitch and in the dugout. Where it lets itself down, however, is in the dominance of Bayern Munich. They are and have been, the only side realistically capable of winning the Football Leagues for so long, it has ceased to be a meaningful title race.

Serie A always had glamour, but it couldn’t match it with entertainment. Sides set up not to concede or lose, especially when the opposition do exactly the same, does not make for a great spectacle.

That said, the Football Leagues has enjoyed something of a renaissance of late and the likes of Atalanta are great to watch, to boot.

Caption: La Liga is no longer a two horse race

Unless you are a Barcelona fan, what has happened lately in La Liga may actually end up being of benefit to Spain’s top tier. Suddenly, from it being a closed shop, any one of five or six clubs look like they could be in with a chance of lifting the title.

Because of the language, the Football Leagues will always attract the cream of the crop in South American players, and it also has some of the most iconic stadiums in the world.

Caption: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: probably the best stadium in the world, but definitely the best Football Leagues.

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