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The Boys Season 3 Finale Is Canon in ‘Diabolical’



the boys season 3

The Boys Season 3: This post contains spoilers for the finale of “The Boys Presents: Diabolical,” “One Plus One Equals Two.” Don’t read if you have not seen it.

‘The Boys Presents: Diabolical’ launches on Amazon Friday, just under two months out from the third season premiere of its parent series. Though the shorts make up much of “Diabolical’s first season,” according to showrunner Eric Kripke, there are snippets of the third-season plot at the show’s core that are found in the first season.

On “The Boys,” we have the fourth episode titled “One Plus One Equals Two,” written by “Diabolical” showrunner Simon Racioppa, which focuses on Homelander’s (played by Antony Starr on “The Boys,” as well as voiced by him here) entrance into the Supes of the Seven and the relationship he forged with Black Noir (voiced by no one here because he’s always silent) because of Homelander’s role in covering up a violent crime (Starr was arrested for alleged assault after these interviews).

Kripke told Variety that the finale is canon. She said that Kripke’s performance was excellent. The idea of it being canon was not something we had planned ahead. However, his writing and direction were so effective that watching it, I thought, ‘This is definitely what happened.’

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Homelander and Black Noir were set up in some detail before The Boys Season 3 so we could get a better understanding of their relationship.”

In the “Diabolical” finale, Racioppa also brought in both Elisabeth Shue and Giancarlo Esposito to reprise their roles as now-deceased Vought executives Madelyn Stillwell and Stan Edgar, respectively.

“I wanted to make sure the episode felt as close to the show as possible, since it’s an episode with Homelander backstory. And it has Black Noir. Racioppa explained, “So we wanted to make that episode feel as if it was connected to the mothership through American-action-animation influences.” He said, “That is the one episode that has the closest connection to the mothership.”

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It’s definitely not what you’d expect, but there is another episode that has something to do with “The Boys” The Boys Season 3!

Although it’s not canon, I’ll tease that Roiland’s episode is somehow connected with The Boys Season 3 in this weird way. However, I won’t share it with anyone. You’ll see that Roiland’s is not canon, but there is a connection.”

If you’ve seen the episode, it’s easy to understand why “Rick and Morty” co-creator Richard Roiland’s animated short, titled “An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Superheroes Kill Their Parents” wouldn’t be considered official. It features characters such as Papers, a superhero who finds paper, sometimes, and Boombox, a character with a speaker in his head who can only play Hootie & the Blowfish’

There are some episodes that seem more canonical than others, Racioppa said. “But we didn’t want to restrict people to those.” “Diabolical’s creativity would have been limited if the show had to exist canonically with the mothership show. We couldn’t go quite as wide and weird as we wanted.” Just as Justin’s episode can’t – a speaker-headed guy probably isn’t canon.”

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