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Sheryl Crow Praises Taylor Swift, Calling Her a “Powerhouse”

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Sheryl Crow Praises Taylor Swift, Calling Her a "Powerhouse"

(CTN News) – In one of her interviews with The Associated Press, Sheryl Crow referred to Taylor Swift as a “powerhouse” among her contemporaries in the music industry.

A recent interview Sheryl Crow gave to Esquire showed Crow’s admiration for Swift, saying, “I look at what Taylor Swift has done and think, ‘She is a powerhouse.'”

Sheryl Crow was extremely impressed with Swift’s response to the fact that her masters had been sold to Scooter Braun by updating the versions of the songs she had released in the past.

The fact that she came up with solutions for how to prevent her music from being used as a moneymaker for other people and how instead she should be able to own it personally is what impressed me the most,” he said.

In the course of reflecting on what she had learned from Swift, Sheryl Crow made the statement, “You are the only person responsible for your art, your own.”

At the same time, Sheryl Crow discussed the challenges faced by women in the music industry in her speech.

In her comments to the outlet, she said that there is no guide to help women navigate a business dominated by men and that there is also no handbook on how to succeed in this type of business.

In addition to being able to feel the impact of a strong woman on men, and how that challenges their perceptions of importance as well,” remarked the crooner of the song “Soak Up the Sun,” in an interview with his fans.

When Sheryl Crow was interviewed by PEOPLE in the year 2023, she expressed her concern about sexism in the music industry, saying, “She was the subject of a lot of speculation, mostly from male writers, saying that she did not write her own record,” adding, “There was a lot of speculation.”

I recall when there were a bunch of guys in the room with me. It was a very sexist moment in the history of music that took place at that time.”


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