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Katt Williams Steals Katt Williams’ Best Joke: Rape Isn’t Funny



Katt Williams Steals Katt Williams' Best Joke: Rape Isn't Funny

(CTN News) – Katt Williams’ recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast has gained widespread attention due to several noteworthy statements and revelations made by the comedian.

One particular revelation involved Katt Williams’ film debut in the 2002 comedy “Friday After Next,” where he disclosed the existence of a sexual assault scene that he adamantly refused to partake in (via BuzzFeed).

Williams took a stand and urged the studio to remove the scene from the movie, firmly asserting that “rape is never funny.” Fortunately, his efforts were successful, and the scene was ultimately eliminated.

The scene in question revolved around a tense encounter between Money Mike, portrayed by Katt Williams, and Damon, a former convict played by Terry Crews.

In the scene, Money Mike finds himself in a vulnerable position while using the bathroom, as Damon unexpectedly enters and threatens him with assault, urging him to passively accept it. However, Money Mike refuses to be a victim and fights back, resorting to using pliers on Damon’s testicles as a means of escape.

During an interview, Katt Williams revealed that in the original script, Money Mike experiences a sexual assault in the bathroom.

He addressed this issue in front of the studios, cast, and decision-makers during his first movie, emphasizing his credibility and influence in comedy. Williams expressed concern about “Friday After Next” attempting to include a rape storyline, stating that rape is never a funny subject.

Williams reiterated his claim that Cedric the Entertainer allegedly stole his best joke during a podcast. Cedric denied the accusation on another podcast, but Williams remains firm in his belief. Williams explained that he had performed the joke twice on BET’s “ComicView” and received praise, even being featured in a commercial.

He recounted an encounter with Cedric in 1998 where Cedric praised his performance and expressed admiration for the joke. However, two years later, Cedric performed a similar joke in the “Kings of Comedy” tour, making minor changes.

The soundbite from the interview was shared by the Instagram account “Club Shay Shay,” prompting a response from Cedric the Entertainer in the comment section. In his comment, Cedric the Entertainer addressed the notion of revisionist history and disagreed with Katt Williams’ opinion.

He emphasized that his career cannot be defined by just one joke that Katt Williams claims as his own. Cedric highlighted his extensive filmography, numerous specials, and the impact of his brand, which all speak volumes about his identity. Variety has contacted Cedric the Entertainer for additional comments.


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