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Cher Takes Major Steps To Address Elijah Blue’s Substance Abuse



Cher Takes Major Steps To Address Elijah Blue's Substance Abuse

(CTN News) – Cher has made a significant decision to address her son Elijah Blue Allman’s drug problem. Per documents obtained by PEOPLE, the 77-year-old singer has taken the initiative to file for a conservatorship in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Cher asserts that Elijah is “substantially unable to manage his financial resources” and is therefore seeking to become the sole conservator of his property.

Even though Elijah was set to receive assets from his trust by the end of 2023, Cher has expressed the urgent need to safeguard his property from potential loss or harm.

Additionally, she has disregarded the possibility of his estranged wife Marieangela King becoming a conservator due to their tumultuous relationship, which has been marred by a recurring cycle of drug addiction and mental health crises.

Cher’s concern for Elijah’s well-being is evident in her unwavering dedication to helping him receive the necessary treatment. The document emphasizes that Elijah has the right to receive regular payments from the Trust, but Cher’s worry stems from his ongoing struggles with mental health and substance abuse.

She fears that any funds given to him will be swiftly used to purchase drugs, which could further exacerbate his already challenging situation.

Despite these concerns, Cher love for Elijah remains steadfast. Throughout his struggles, she has consistently made decisions that prioritize his well-being above all else.

Her commitment to his welfare is evident in her efforts to seek the necessary treatment and support for him, ensuring that he receives the help he needs to overcome his challenges.

Cher’s dedication to Elijah’s well-being extends beyond financial concerns.

She recognizes the importance of addressing his mental health and substance abuse issues, understanding that simply providing him with funds may not be the most effective solution.

Instead, she is focused on finding ways to support him in his journey toward recovery, ensuring that he receives the necessary treatment and resources to overcome his struggles.

In conclusion, the document highlights Cher’s deep love for Elijah and her consistent decision-making that prioritizes his well-being.

Despite her concerns about the potential misuse of funds, she remains dedicated to assisting him in obtaining the necessary treatment and support to overcome his mental health and substance abuse challenges.


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