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Please Visit The Threads For The Web Version And Advanced Search



Please Visit The Threads For The Web Version And Advanced Search

(CTN News) – The Threads application has been updated and enhanced many times over the years, including the addition of built-in translations as well as the addition of what is called a chronological feed.

There will be an updated version of Threads available on the web by Meta this time, and the company plans to add new features in the future as well, including advanced search capabilities and web-based versions.

The announcement was made by Meta Co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who said that both Threads’ web version and advanced search will come to the platform “within the next few weeks.”

Last week, Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, was able to confirm similar news as well.

There was a problem with Threads users being able to view Reply Button on their profiles, but clicking on the button did not result in any activity being performed on their profiles.

Possibly, this could have hinted at the possibility that a web version of the application might be on the way.

This feature could be a major upgrade for the platform, allowing users to search for specific words or posts, rather than just profile information, on the platform, allowing them to find what they are looking for.

In the future, it has not been indicated whether users of Apple products such as iPads and Macs will also be able to access Threads via the web to view their threads from their web browsers.

As one of the engineers at the company has indicated, the web version is also being tested on Macs at the moment, but the app was “bugged and probably not worth the time it takes to fix it”.

Because of a lack of key features on the platform that will enhance the Threads experience, Meta has been losing users at an alarming rate, just as rapidly as it has been gaining users.

There has been a lot of effort by the company since then to also bring in new features and updates on the platform as well as regain the trust of its users by bringing in new features and updates.


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