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WhatsApp Service Intends To Tighten Its Security By Utilizing Email Addresses

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WhatsApp Service Intends To Tighten Its Security By Utilizing Email Addresses

(CTN News) – The WhatsApp app, owned by Meta, has introduced many new features over the last few months.

The company has reworked the UI and UX of the product in accordance with the guidelines laid out in Material Design 3.

Recent beta updates have been rolled out to the public in order to test out the new user interface. A new security feature is also being developed by the company at the same time.

This update is aimed at enhancing user account security by using email addresses in order to enhance the protection of email account information.

However, the specifics of the update have not yet been released, according to WABetaInfo.

Using email to enhance the security of WhatsApp

A number of security features were introduced earlier this year by WhatsApp, including the protection against unauthorized transfers of accounts to different devices, the defense against WhatsApp-exploiting malware, and the automated verification of security codes, demonstrating their commitment to users’ security.

With the new beta update, WhatsApp appears to be planning to add a security feature tied to users’ email addresses, which would provide an additional layer of protection for users.

There will be an option to use this feature rather than the existing two-step verification process, which also requires the use of an email address as part of the verification process.

In spite of the fact that details on how this new feature differs from the existing process are not yet available, it appears to be a promising tool that can be used for account protection and verification in certain situations.

A future WhatsApp beta update will include the email-based security feature as it is still in the development stage and will be rolled out soon.

Aside from this, WhatsApp’s recent beta update includes animated avatars and a new feature that saves you time when creating a group within the app.

Besides the voice messaging service, WhatsApp has also launched a video messaging feature that is similar to its voice messaging service, and a version of the application has begun rolling out for Wear OS smartwatches.


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