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Netflix And Meta Are Accused Of Sharing Secret Data In A Lawsuit

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Netflix And Meta Are Accused Of Sharing Secret Data In A Lawsuit

(CTN News) – Netflix is alleged to have had access to the private Facebook messages of its users in a bombshell lawsuit filed today against Facebook’s parent company Meta, which is alleged to be part of a secretive and longstanding “special relationship” between the two tech giants.

There are meta reports that this trade of data has been going on for nearly a decade, and Netflix has decided to exchange private messages for the user data it has collected.

As part of the lawsuit, Maximilian Klein and Sarah Grabert challenge the companies who in an agreement allegedly shared “client-specific access” that enabled Netflix to tailor its content for users in accordance with their needs.

According to the press, Reed Hastings’ friendship with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg might have played a part in the mutually successful business relationships between Netflix and Meta.

According to reports, Hastings, who held the position of member of the board of Facebook from 2011 to 2019, played a significant role in bringing the two companies together during this time period.

A court document reported that the two companies had made arrangements to tailor corporate collaborations and other integrations to help Facebook with its ad-matching and ranking models in order to help the social network to raise its rankings.

The Facebook board had allegedly signed an “Inbox API” agreement within 30 days of Hastings joining it, giving Netflix programmatic access to the user’s private messenger interface 30 days after Hastings had joined it.

There is an alleged data-sharing agreement between Netflix and Facebook, in addition to a lawsuit involving Netflix and Facebook connection, that also raises the question of whether Facebook received fortnightly reports from Netflix concerning the activities of its users.

There are a number of questions raised by Meta’s claim that it is not involved in the process, including data sharing, partnerships with other companies, and the confidentiality of users’ data, which further complicates the matter.


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