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Microsoft Ending Windows 10 Support May Result In 240M PCs Being Disposed.



Microsoft Ending Windows 10 Support May Result In 240M PCs Being Disposed.

(CTN News) – Canalys Research has expressed concerns regarding Microsoft’s decision to end support for the Windows 10 operating system.

This move could potentially lead to the disposal of approximately 240 million personal computers, resulting in a significant amount of electronic waste.

It is estimated that this electronic waste would weigh around 480 million kilograms, which is equivalent to the weight of 320,000 cars.

While some PCs may still function even after the end of OS support, Canalys has warned that the demand for devices without security updates may be low.

Microsoft has announced a plan to provide security updates for Windows 10 devices until October 2028, but the cost of this service has not been disclosed.

However, Canalys suggests that if the pricing structure follows historical trends, it may become more cost-effective to transition to newer PCs. This could lead to a higher number of older PCs being discarded, contributing to the surge of electronic waste.

The report also highlights the potential impact of Microsoft’s goal to discontinue support for Windows 10 by October 2025.

This could result in a significant increase in electronic waste. On the other hand, the introduction of Windows 11, which is expected to incorporate advanced artificial intelligence technology, might stimulate the sluggish PC market.

Despite these concerns, Microsoft has not yet responded to inquiries regarding the environmental impact of disposing of Windows 11-incompatible devices.

The report emphasizes the importance of recycling components from personal computers and data storage servers, such as hard drives, which can contribute to sustainable technologies like electric vehicles and wind turbines. Repurposing end-of-life computers for sustainable technologies is seen as crucial by industry experts.

Battery recycling firm Redwood Materials also highlights the potential for nearly infinite battery recycling, which can recover valuable metals like lithium, cobalt, nickel, and copper.

This can help address the growing global demand for electricity.


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