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Apple is Considering Raising the Price of its New iPhone Pros



Apple is Considering Raising the Price of its New iPhone Pros

(CTN News) – According to Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly contemplating raising the prices of its high-end iPhone Pros with the launch of new models this fall.

The company typically unveils its latest iPhones in September, and since 2019, it has offered a high-end iPhone Pro starting at $999 in the U.S., with a larger Max model priced at a minimum of $1,099. This potential price increase aims to boost Apple’s overall revenue by raising the average selling price of a new iPhone.

Apple’s Pricing Strategy Amidst the Pandemic:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple did not increase prices for its new iPhone models in the U.S., despite facing challenges like parts shortages and rising costs for services such as freight and components. However, the company often adjusts prices globally in response to currency fluctuations, as was observed with last year’s iPhone 14 devices.

Potential Features of the New High-End iPhone Models:

The upcoming high-end iPhone models are rumored to feature a USB-C charger instead of the proprietary Lightning charger, a change influenced by new European regulations introduced the previous year. Additionally, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the new Pro models could come equipped with a titanium case and thinner bezels, enhancing their appeal.

Leveraging Premium Market Demand:

While the global demand for smartphones has been below expectations and declined for a year, analysts note that the premium smartphone market, including Apple, seems less impacted. Consumers still strongly prefer the best and most expensive devices, indicating that a price increase might not significantly deter sales.


Apple’s consideration of raising prices on its high-end iPhone Pros comes as the company prepares to launch new models in the fall. While the pandemic did not see price increases in the U.S., Apple may capitalize on recent trends in the smartphone industry and consumer demand for premium devices. As the release date approaches, more details about the new iPhones and their pricing strategy will likely emerge.

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