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Adobe To Defend Figma Deal At EU Hearing On December 8.



Adobe To Defend Figma Deal At EU Hearing On December 8.

(CTN News) – On December 8, Adobe will present its defense against the EU antitrust charges regarding its planned $20 billion acquisition of cloud-based designer platform Figma.

According to two individuals familiar with the matter, this will take place during a closed hearing. The European Commission had previously expressed concerns that the deal could lead to reduced competition in the global market for interactive product design software, where Figma currently competes with Adobe.

The commission stated that the acquisition would remove Figma as a competitor in the supply of vector editing tools and raster editing tools, thereby strengthening Adobe’s position as the dominant player in the market.

This decision by the European Union’s antitrust enforcer to not provide any comments at this time adds to the significance of the hearings.

These hearings serve as a crucial platform for companies to present their arguments and defend their proposed deal before senior officials and lawyers from the Commission, as well as national antitrust watchdogs.

By allowing rivals and other interested third Adobe parties to attend, the hearings ensure a fair and transparent process. This inclusion of various stakeholders allows for a comprehensive evaluation of the proposed deal, as different perspectives and concerns can be voiced and considered.

The absence of comments from the antitrust enforcer at this stage indicates that they are carefully assessing the arguments and evidence presented during the hearings.

It suggests that they are taking their time to thoroughly evaluate the potential impact of the deal on competition and consumers.

The opportunity to present arguments and engage in discussions during the hearings is crucial for companies involved in the deal. It allows them to address any concerns or misconceptions that may have arisen during the antitrust investigation.

It also provides them with a chance to showcase the Adobe potential benefits of the deal, such as increased efficiency, innovation, or consumer welfare.

Overall, the hearings play a vital role in the decision-making process of the antitrust enforcer. They provide a platform Adobe for companies to present their case, allow for the inclusion of various perspectives, and contribute to a fair and transparent evaluation of the proposed deal. absence of comments from the antitrust enforcer at this time indicates the importance of these hearings and the careful consideration being given to the arguments presented.


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