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Tonight At The AAC, The Dallas Stars Welcome The Tired Pittsburgh Penguins

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Tonight At The AAC, The Dallas Stars Welcome The Tired Pittsburgh Penguins

(CTN News) – Honestly, there aren’t many reasons why the Dallas Stars can’t win tonight. Tonight, they will face a very tired Pittsburgh Penguins team who will be up against them.

Three games have been played in the last five days, one of which was played last night against the Colorado Avalanche a foe in the Central Division.

I do not think there is any excuse for the Dallas Stars to not get two points here tonight, there is no excuse. The reason they might as well get the golf clubs out if they are unable to defeat a tired playoff team is that they won’t last long in the playoffs if they cannot defeat a tired playoff team.

Pittsburgh Penguins and Dallas Stars preview. A tired team is the best

As a result of the fact that the Dallas Stars have been playing multiple games within a short period of time, they will need to take advantage of that. After beating the Avalanche on the road last night, the Penguins are running on “coffee”. As the Stars have a day off to rest, there should be a difference in time between the two teams tonight.

Hopefully, the Stars are the team that is alert and prepared. It may be as well for the Stars to hand the Central Division over to Minnesota if they cannot handle this team tonight.

Predictions for the Dallas Stars vs Pittsburgh Penguins: 2. Stop Guentzel and Crosby from playing

Tonight, the Stars must be prepared to shut down Jake Guentzel and Sidney Crosby. Obviously, they will not be playing at the usual level that they have in the past week, but we still have to prepare for them. Guentzel and Crosby lead the team in goals heading into this matchup.

It is hard to tell Miro to play another 39 minutes tonight, but in order for us to win, he may have to do so. There will be a very long night for Stars fans at the AAC if the team is unable to shut down both of these players.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Dallas Stars: 1. Continue to score for Johnston

Pete DeBoer should give Wyatt Johnston more playing time tonight in order to maintain his scoring streak. Johnston has scored in each of his last five games, and if the Stars are to win tonight, they will rely on him for the victory.

As in his previous game against the Seattle Kraken, Johnston should be set up similarly to his previous performance. The game plan against Pittsburgh will surely include setting Johnston.

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