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The 49ers’ Tevin Coleman Is Back As If He Never Left



The 49ers' Tevin Coleman Is Back As If He Never Left

(CTN News) – 49ers;A number of running backs have followed a similar path where they put together a handful of good years before fading away and unceremoniously retiring. When the 49ers called, Sunday Coleman responded with a loud voice.

Prior to the 2019 Super Bowl run, Coleman signed a two-year deal with San Francisco. His 544 rushing yards and seven touchdowns helped the 49ers win the NFC championship against the Vikings.

After that, things didn’t go so well. With the 49ers and Jets, Coleman ran it 112 times for 409 yards. There was no touchdown scored by him. During that stretch, he ran 20 yards. He entered the regular season as a free agent after being cut by the Jets this offseason.

Coleman told reporters after Sunday’s game, “I was at home.” “I spent time with my family at home.” Spending time with my family.”

Following a couple of injuries, the 49ers dipped into the free agent pool and added Coleman. In just two weeks, he made a significant impact. A total of 11 touches led to 67 yards and two touchdowns for Coleman in Carolina on Sunday.

After the game, Coleman said, “It felt real good going out there and getting touches and proving that I still have it.”

Coleman’s leaping 30-yard catch over a Panthers defensive back on third-and-long early in the game extended a 49ers drive. Jimmy Garoppolo made that throw to Coleman for the first time Sunday.

Coleman said that it was a catch that he practiced all week. When Jimmy wasn’t supposed to throw it to me at practice, Coleman said, “We’re going to get it in the game.

In the game, we’re going to get it. In the game, we’re going to get it. I was prepared for that play. I knew he would throw it.”

Garoppolo had no business putting the ball up to his veteran RB in that spot, but he had faith in him to make a play.

A DB was on me. He wasn’t supposed to throw it, but he trusted me,” Coleman said. “If a linebacker was on me, yeah. But if a DB was on me, he wasn’t supposed to throw it. But he trusted me so it was fine.”

During the 49ers’ first drive, Coleman caught a screen for a touchdown of nine yards. With just over three minutes left Sunday, he ran five yards around the left end to give the 49ers a 37-15 lead and put the game out of Carolina’s reach.

Due to the injuries to Elijah Mitchell and Tyrion Davis-Price, the 49ers have been in need of a wrinkle at the running back position. Undrafted rookie Jordan Mason and veteran Marlon Mack were not carving out any kind of role in the NFL, leaving the door open for Coleman to make his mark.

It is hard to believe that Sunday was his last opportunity of the season, given how well he played. It is possible that he will be the second running back that the 49ers are in need of.


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