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Daniel Cormier Considers A Jump To WWE, Focusing On WWE’s Brock Lesnar



Daniel Cormier

(CTN News) – Daniel Cormier, 43, retired from MMA in 2020 after a loss to Stipe Miocic in a bout for the UFC heavyweight championship in which he lost to Miocic in a bout that was contested for the first time.

WWE referee Daniel Cormier got physical with the contestants. A fist to the throat pins Seth Rollins against the steel cage, and he warns the former MMA champ not to mess with him.

Backstage, Daniel Cormier sat with a replica championship belt and joked that he might not be done with WWE after the match held inside a Fight Pit.

Daniel Cormier’s Statement 

Cormier said, “I’m defending this thing on my way out.” “Bam!” he said. That’s right upside the head.”

A belt could be used to knock a wrestler out. Cormier laughed at the idea. Cormier is very aware of the possibility of following in the footsteps of Ronda Rousey and Matt Riddle who crossed over from mixed martial arts to professional wrestling.

His favorite wrestler is Randy Savage, so he wore a traditional referee’s uniform for the match between Riddle and Rollins at WWE “Extreme Rules” Saturday night at Wells Fargo Center.

While Daniel Cormier poked Rollins in the face here and there, he largely stayed out of the fray, as Riddle, who spent five years with the UFC, won by submission.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Cormier said, “Those guys are so talented.” According to him, “They knew exactly what they were planning to do, and I just stayed out of the way.” “I did not want to get in the way and mess up what they were doing.”

When Daniel Cormier lost the UFC heavyweight championship to Stipe Miocic in 2020, he retired from MMA. Although Cormier broke his own deadline not to fight past 40 years old, he largely left the sport on his own terms.

In addition to holding the UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight championships, Cormier won championships in other MMA promotions and earned a reputation as a good guy. A businessman and actor, he has been commentating on UFC fights since the biggest bouts began.

He said, “I’m still part of the show.”. “And when things like this happen, people yell and scream for you.”

Cormier, who has attempted to bait Brock Lesnar into a fight inside the UFC cage for years, is a pretty effective speaker.

As a WWE star, Lesnar won the heavyweight title in the UFC before returning to WWE and becoming one of the company’s biggest stars. Following his victory over Miocic, Cormier challenged Lesnar.

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