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Strategies Himiway Dealers Apply to Deal with Customers

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Strategies Himiway Dealers Apply to Deal with Customers

Himiway has been in the e-bike sector since 2017 and has established a good reputation across several countries. The e-bike manufacturing company has physical locations in Canada and United States. Himiway looks forward to building a larger presence in the Netherlands, France, and the UK. With Himiway’s aim to reach more than one million cyclists in about 30 countries, Himiway need to be on board.

Becoming an authorized dealer requires that you meet specific standard requirements. For instance, authorized dealers should be able to render repair services to customers. This will increase the chance of attracting more target audiences. Meanwhile, Himiway offers its authorized dealers some marketing strategies that will help boost their sales. Himiway dealers are not alone in the market system, as every team in the company works together to increase sales.

Premium E-bikes from Himiway

Himiway has provided an outstanding quality by highly considering dealers’ benefits above other things. the company Himiway works tirelessly to use updated materials to meet modern standards. An example is Himiway use Samsung cells which are one of the best producers of long-lasting, slow-energy releasing lithium batteries to ensure the range is optimal and the batteries don’t deplete too quickly.

Meanwhile, dealers can provide customers with various models to choose from. Himiway will also assure dealers that they are not getting anything of less quality from the brand.

Why Skilled Dealers are Needed

Himiway works towards comfortability, safety, and accessibility, asides sustainability of e-bikes. Safety is paramount to manufacturers by providing pedal-assist features for riders to propel uphill conveniently. Despite the Himiway products’ amazing features, some customers are bound to disregard its 3,400+ reviews. Himiway has a goal to reach more customers in divers countries, and dealers need to work in corporation with it. Meanwhile, dealers can earn some profit while enhancing the presence of Himiway products in more provinces. This is why the company wants to bring dealers on board who can get the target market and increase sales.

How Dealers Can Get Customers

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, Himiway also offers some effective marketing strategies to dealers. Since the premium products are made available by Himiway, the company will also develop marketing plans that are best suitable for you. This will cover both online and offline strategies. The marketing team will also track a dealer’s conversion rate, to determine if a strategy is ideal for particular sales or not.

One of the effective marketing investments from Himiway is digital marketing. This helps to boost online presence, targeting dealers’ locations and access to customers. Wherein getting natural customers is a highlight of a dealer’s business.

Emphasizing Company’s Integrity

Many e-bike manufacturers are out there, so customers are willing to bank on any company with integrity. Dealers should emphasize production integrity and how it does not endanger the environment. This includes safety measures in producing lead-containing components like batteries. Response to environment safety from Himiway is using an 840Wh lithium-ion battery in its cruiser pack. This is safer than the traditional lead-acid battery package.

Himiway take critical decisions that prove they are ready to relay the manufacturer’s value to customers. If any technical fault is found in a product, the dealers can call the manufacturer’s attention for correction. This is why Himiway offers a warranty of two years. This ascertains the end consumers, showing that the company is ready to bear any costs incurred from production faults or mistakes.

Emphasizing the Product Benefits

Dealers should emphasize product benefits more than features. This helps customers understand the value they get from the brand or what it offers. The value proposition is an aspect of marketing strategy that dictates if a brand is standing out among other competitors or not. Thus, Himiway will keep hiring dealers who understand their product benefits and can convince customers without compromising. Successful Himiway dealers first understand the products before putting them into people’s faces. You can get the best deal from a customer when they are sure it is more about consumers than manufacturers’ profit.

Himiway Cruiser-HOL-4

Becoming a Himiway Dealer

When you visit the Himiway website, you will be requested for your contact information. Make sure the details are correct, including your e-mail address. The company will send a verification link to your mail while cross-checking if you are eligible. One of the criteria of a successful dealer is creating room for diversity at your physical store. A space where intending customers can test-ride the models is also a plus. Since several models are available, customers are sure they are getting the most suitable type. However, you need also to provide your inventory list and the number of products your store can accommodate. Until authorized to sell on Himiway’s behalf, you should consider building your market plan for the meantime, then start selling after authorization. You may be penalized if you have no corporate agreement with the company and deal on their behalf. This is to ensure transparency.


The way Himiway company works with dealers is pretty simple and flexible. Himiway Dealers can order bulk purchases to make more products available for more customers. You can request customers’ specifications and check their availability on the website. Everything verification can be done through the internet without needing your physical presence. With the company’s website information, dealers can follow the procedures to become part of Himiway’s team.



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