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Proving Liability in a Golf Cart Accident

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You don’t have to be a golfer to ride in a golf cart anymore. Studies show that more than 155,000 people received treatment between 2007 and 2017 for serious injuries due to golf cart accidents.

Because of its design and structure, a golf cartdoes a poor job of protecting the occupants. Automobiles give you protection using a side door and seat belts. Most golf carts don’t come with safety features and warning systems.

Due to the negligence of another golf cart operator, you can sustain injuries such as concussions, lacerations, and whiplash.

If you suspect your golf cart injuries have been caused by a negligent party, contact a qualified personal injury attorney to assist you in determining whether the other party should be held accountable for causing your economic losses.

Common Accidents in a Golf Cart

The injuries you sustain in a golf cart are determined by the type of accident. Let us look at a few causes:

Distracted Driving

Watching a golf ball in flight or texting are the top ways a golfer can be distracted. Since these carts have fewer safety features than motor vehicles, distracted driving can lead to severe injuries.

Driving a Golf Cart Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Just like in vehicles, driving under the influence can affect your reaction times and cause an accident. Golf courses offer drinks to the golfers, and some players cannot hold back when it comes to taking a swig. Once again, the lack of safety features increases the risk of injuries in case of an accident.

Making Sharp Turns

The structure of the golf cart makes it easy to tip over. Making a sharp turn can lead to an accident that involves more than one golf cart.

Carrying Too Much Weight

Golf carts are designed to carry a weight of around 500 pounds. With too much weight, you run the risk of tipping over when driving on any terrain. You also have to consider the weight of the golfing accessories and golf bags. With more weight, the overloaded golf cart is hard to stop, which increases the risk of accidents.

Common Injuries Due to Golf Cart Accidents

Due to the design of the golf cart, which provides little or no protection against collisions, an accident from a golf cart can cause serious injuries. Many golf cart operators believe they can’t get injured just because the carts travel at a low speed.


Sudden impacts can make your head and neck move forwards and backward suddenly. The violent nature of a golf cart accident can be worse if two golf carts collide or if you run into a stationary object such as a tree.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Neither side of a golf cart offers any protection to the rider, which means that you can receive a blow to your spine, leading to spinal cord injuries. If the injury is severe, you can become paralyzed.


Getting thrown out of a moving golf cart can cause fractures. The most common fractures occur when you try to break a fall.

Brain Trauma

Injuries to the head and neck can lead to traumatic brain injuries. Collisions or tipping over the golf cart can make you hityour head on a hard surface, which can cause a concussion. Many symptoms of brain injuries don’t show until a few days later.

Steps to Take after a Golf Cart Accident

Getting involved in a golf cart accident can leave you feeling stressed out and disoriented. The first step is to call the golf course management to handle the situation. If you suspect negligence in the accident, call 911 to come to the scene.

Next, collect all the evidence you need to file a claim. Take photographs of the scene and the golf cart, and your injuries. Note down the names, phone numbers, and addresses of the other operator. Call Port St Lucie personal injury lawyer so that you can file the claim with confidence.


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