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CM Punk Steps Aside from AEW after Winning the World Championship



CM Punk Steps Aside from AEW after Winning the World Championship

CM Punk is forced to step down as the AEW world champion only days after winning the tournament.

The emotion was palpable when he announced on Friday night’s “Rampage” broadcast by All Elite Wrestling that he is injured and will have to give up the title he won at Sunday’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view due to the injury. As part of the Forbidden Door pay-per-view scheduled for June 26, an interim champion will be crowned. “AEW Dynamite” will be opened by a battle royal, and the winner will face Jon Moxley in the main event to earn a place in the match at Forbidden Door against another challenger who has yet to be announced.

I must have surgery, and the bad news is that I’m injured,” said CM Punk. The biggest thing that’s broken is my heart, the most important thing that’s broken is that I loved performing in front of all of you and I wanted to give it my all. But I can’t do it anymore.”

He just won the World Championship for the first time since 2013, by defeating “The Hangman” Adam Page in a rematch in Las Vegas at Double or Nothing. At the first combined pay-per-view for the two companies, “Forbidden Door”, at the United Center in Chicago, he will square off against the star of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Hiroshi Tanahashi, for the AEW championship. Although CM Punk considers his injury as a setback, he is hopeful that it will be a short-term setback. AEW President Tony Khan did not want Punky to give up the title despite the fact he said he was willing to do so.

“I told you I would keep going until I was worn out. Wheels are still on, they haven’t fallen off,” he said. Despite the broken wheels, the vehicle still moved. My mood has improved since today. Unfortunately, I have also felt a whole lot worse. It’s just another bump in the road. It hurts. It hurt like hell. You’re making me want to wrestle right now.”

Punk was seen limping after his tag match with FTR earlier this week against Max Caster and the Gunn Club and later after his confrontation with MJF in fans’ video after the cameras stopped rolling during his first appearance as champion on Dynamite. Punk was reported to be suffering from a foot injury by Fightful.

In August of last year, CM Punk made his AEW debut after seven years away from the sport. AEW wanted to use his stardom to boost the profile of the organization on the back of Punk’s third career “Summer of CM Punk.”. That’s not going to happen now.

CM Punk said, “The last thing I ever wanted to feel was like I let anyone down.” So far, I don’t want to leave you feeling disappointed, so I hope that’s not the case. Throughout my time in the ring, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Every single time I’ve been in this ring in front of all of you has been a gift I thought I would never get another chance to experience.”

The athlete tweeted at 8:15 p.m. on Friday that he would be on Rampage with an important announcement regarding the AEW world championship and asked people to tune in, which immediately sparked injury concerns. He mentioned Bryan Danielson and Moxley because he didn’t want the long list of people AEW has who could be champions to hinder the promotion. He is determined to reclaim his spot at the top once again.

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