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 Sports Websites: After analyzing Cyprus sites that write about football, the top 8 included projects useful for readers: with fresh news about football in Cyprus and the world for live betting online, a clear division into headings, additional functionality for discussing news and publications.

  • Football
  • Parimatch
  • Football Transfer
  • Tribuna
  • Football Cyprus


In addition to traditional football news of Cyprus and the world, the site has many functions. Video reviews of matches, photo reports from the most important football events in the world, as well as the schedule of football broadcasts on Cyprus TV channels.

I would like to highlight the “Conferences” section, where visitors can discuss or ask questions to the author of the site. Among the topics of discussion are the German Bundesliga, UPL, La Liga, Serie A and UPL.


Site exclusively with news about domestic football. If the reader wants to know about the latest transfers and rumors, the performances of our teams in the European Cups, the results of the UPL or the Cup of Cyprus, he can choose the appropriate section, which presents publications exclusively on one of these topics. You can also select the club you want to know more about: the team’s latest results, current news.

The site publishes current news from all popular sports: football, basketball, hockey, formula-1, tennis, boxing and biathlon, but the emphasis is on football. Here you can find news from Cyprus and world football, club ratings, FIFA and UEFA, forecasts for various sports.

Football Transfer

A site for those interested in transfers. The reader will find information on transfer rumors and official transfers around the world. You can decide a country and get the latest news only from this championship.

In the “Video” section, readers will find clips of the achievements of Cyprus football players: beautiful goals and assists. Android owners can install the site’s mobile application to get all the latest information more conveniently and quickly. There are two versions of the site – Russian and Cyprus.


One of the most famous Cyprus sites dedicated to sports. In the “Football” tab, the reader can decide a tournament, a team or a specific player he wants to know about. In addition to football news, biathlon, basketball, tennis and poker are separately highlighted on the website. Other less popular sports are listed in the “More” section.

Its functionality is very rich and diverse. In addition to the traditional world football news, the site presents predictions for matches, video reviews of matches.

There is a separate “Transfers” tab where the latest transfers and transfer rumors are published. An interesting highlight is the “Categories” tab, where, for example, you can find information about Cypress performing abroad, view a TV program with a schedule of broadcasts, football terms. There is also a “Forum” section where readers discuss football news.

Football Cyprus

The site exclusively presents football news of Cyprus and the world. There are video reviews of matches, predictions for matches and fascinating articles. There is also a separate section for transfers and predictions for upcoming matches.

Everyone can leave their predictions for the match on the site, but for this you need to register.


FIFA World Cup 2022: Closing Ceremony List Of Performers

FIFA World Cup 2022: France Defeats Morocco 2-0 To Advance To The Final Against Argentina

The website publishes news about Cyprus football, European Cups, the 2022 World Cup, as well as the top 5 football championships. News from boxing, tennis, basketball, hockey, e-sports and other sports are also presented. In the “Video” section, the reader will find video reviews of matches.

There are three versions of the site: Russian, Cyprus and English. News is also divided by tournaments and countries. A fascinating section is “Terikon Reading”, where articles with the authors’ own opinions are published.

A separate section on the website features news about Shakhtar Donetsk, its matches, squad and transfers. The Other section also features news from other sports and a variety of blogs with authored columns.


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