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Is the Chinese Market finally ready for the NFL?

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Is the Chinese Market finally ready for the NFL?

The (NFL) National Football League has a long relationship history with China. The relationship dates back to 14 years ago in 2007 in Beijing, China. A preseason game was scheduled to happen in Beijing, and after its announcement, people were eagerly waiting to watch it live. However, this did not materialize as the match between the Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots were cancelled. The reason for the cancellation of the league was alleged to be paving the way for other international games to be played.

Moving forward to 2020, discussions towards the possibility of hosting a National Football League game were speculated to happen among NFL owners. There was also speculation of the creation of a Chinese league made up of four teams. This was also not actualized owing to many factors, including travel expenses of the teams and suitability of the venue of the match. Travelling to Shanghai, China from the US would take at least 15 hours which is a long time for players to travel. It would also be expensive to set up a stadium to the required NFL levels making it an uphill task to host NFL.

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NFL -Tencent Digital Partnership

The first NFL-Tencent deal came to life in 2017 where a three-year contract was signed. The deal stated that Tencent Sports will have one live stream of a National Football League game in a week. The digital platform would also provide National Football League content across all its digital platforms.

A subscription for the service would be inclusive of the National Football League match, National Football League Draft, and the Hard Knocks documentary series. The beauty of the agreement is that all audio would be available in both Chinese and English. To their surprise, viewership in all Tencent’s platforms experienced a rise of 56 percent, while NFL videos received a total of 700 million views. This clearly shows that Tencent is China’s NFL home.

How to Stream NFL in 2021

Present-day, there are numerous ways of streaming National Football League in China.

Stream Using NFL Game pass

The international version of the NFL Game pass, which is way cheaper compared to the US Game pass, is the best and easiest way to stream HD National Football League Football matches in China. The beauty of using the National Football League Game Pass is that you can watch any National Football League match live and in real-time. Such a setting makes it easy for fans on the lookout for NFL odds this week to follow up their favourite games.

You can also revisit old National Football League games by watching recorded games. You can also choose not to watch the entire NFL game and watch condensed versions of the NFL games, which run in a short time. For instance, a condensed game could run for 40 minutes compared to the normal 2 hours. You are also eligible for a 7-day free trial before paying for the annual subscription. The NFL Game pass doesn’t require a VPN to operate, making it a good option for use in China.

Paid TV Streaming Service

If you are in China and you are an NFL football fan, then paid TV streaming services will be a viable option for you to watch National Football League Football Games. Paid Tv streaming services available in China include Sling, YouTube Tv, and Hulu. The biggest advantage of using paid TV streaming services is that you get access to NFL matches and other college football matches that an National Football League Game pass wouldn’t offer. However, the downside of using paid Tv streaming services,, is that you may need a VPN to operate in China.

Amazon Prime or ESPN

Watching National Football League games via ESPN or Amazon Prime is easy for people living in China. Amazon recently signed a deal to purchase NFL football live streaming rights. If you have an Amazon Prime Account or a cable, you can now easily watch all Thursday Night NFL Football Matches. If you have paid for your Amazon subscription, you can access at least one free HD stream in a week. Just like the paid Tv streaming services, you can only access these services in China with the help of a VPN. The beauty of using Amazon Prime is that you not only gain access to NFL games but numerous Amazon music and videos in China.

Watch NFL in China Through Tencent

It is unclear if the NFL will renew its contract with Tencent this year. This is because the existing agreement was signed in 2017 and was a 3-year contract. If renewed, Tencent is an easy form of viewing NFL games in China as no VPN is required. The downside to this,,, however, is that all its content is in Mandarin Chinese and contains many disturbing Chinese Advertisements.

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Find Live NFL Streams Online

Though it is not the best method, online NFL live streams are another way to watch NFL matches. You should look for appropriate websites that do not require registration to access the matches.

Future of NFL in China

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The National Football League in China is expected to grow, and this is evident from recent statistics which show that 30.9 million Chinese nationals are interested in the NFL. This is a large population that goes to show if the National Football League focuses on the Chinese market, it could be a booming business.



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