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Forehead Reduction (hairline lowering) Surgery

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Forehead Reduction (hairline lowering) Surgery

A high hairline is an aesthetic problem that bothers more people than you might think. The height of your forehead can change the way look significantly and disturb the overall symmetry of your face. Usually, a high hairline makes the face look harsh and elongated. For this reason, people may want to recreate their hairline. A forehead reduction surgery (hairline lowering) is the latest and most long-lasting solution to the elongated forehead problem. If you are unsatisfied with your natural hairline, a forehead reduction surgery might be the way to go.

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Women, especially young women, are interested in this operation since an elongated forehead can disrupt the harmony of the face and give a more masculine look. Women are great candidates for a hairline lowering operation because of their high hair density. It is important to know that, there should be no signs of excessive or hereditary hair loss for the success of this operation. On the other hand, hairline lowering has a lower success rate for men because of the male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss leads to a receding hairline and might be counter interactive with the operation. However, men who don’t have a high chance of male pattern baldness or hereditary hair loss might be a suitable candidate for reduction hairline solutions-Hair System. Scalp flexibility is another important factor for the success or possibility of hairline reduction surgery. If the scalp is flexible, it is usually easier to perform the operation and get good results. To determine whether you are a good candidate or not, you can consult with a specialist.

What to Expect from a Forehead Reduction Surgery?

The first thing you will need to do for a forehead reduction surgery is to book a consultation session with your surgeon to determine whether you are suitable for the operation. At this stage, you can decide on where the new hairline should be. Your surgeon will be using general anaesthesia to ensure comfort during your surgery. Local anaesthesia is also possible if necessary. To lower the hairline by removing the excess forehead skin, your surgeon will create a single transfollicular incision. This special type of incision is cruel for a successful and aesthetically pleasing result since it allows blood vessel formation and hair growth throughout the incision line.

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Is Forehead Reduction Process Safe?

A forehead reduction surgery is considered to be a safe operation provided that it is done with expertise. However, it is important to remember that it is still an operation that involves cuts and stitches. Such open wounds are prone to infection and should be treated carefully.

What Should I Pay Attention to After a Forehead Reduction Surgery?

The recovery process of a forehead reduction surgery is a fairly short and smooth one. The bandages placed on top of the incision line are removed the day after your surgery. Usually, removing the sutures will take another 3-7 days. Once your sutures are removed, you are free to go back to your normal life.

Until your wounds heal completely, do not engage in any strenuous activities and avoid direct sun exposure. Also, beware of the infection risk and keep a close eye on the incision line.

Thanks to the transfollicular incision, hair growth through the incision line should help cover the scarring. You can also try to keep the area moisturised to minimise the look of scarring.

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How Much Will the Right Clinic Charge You for a Forehead Reduction?

Choosing the right clinic might seem like a challenging job. You might want to explore some options in your country but you might want to consider more affordable options abroad. Turkey is a good option for people who wants to combine holiday and medical tourism. The good news is that you will find many qualified clinics experienced in forehead reduction and hair transplant there. The forehead reduction surgery cost in Turkey starts from $3,5000, and the hair transplant cost in Turkey starts from $1,500. Make sure that the clinic is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Furthermore, it is important that your surgeon uses a transfollicular incision during the surgery. You can also ask for before and after pictures of former patients.


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